In the News: March 29

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IApril 29, 2009


Bill (Clap Clap, Clap Clap) Hall

Today’s Game: Brewers 6, Pirates 5
Record: 10-10, T-3rd Place

Tuesday’s Game

- I wasn’t able to see it, but was the plunking of Sanchez, Hinske, and LaRoche payback or just bad pitching?

- Hoffman gets his first save as a Brewer! It was Trevor’s first save not as a Padre since June 7, 1993!

- Don’t you wish the Brewers could play the Pirates every week?

- Bush struggled, but the bullpen held the Pirates scoreless for four innings.

- Rickie Weeks hit another home run tonight as part of the go-ahead sixth inning. Bill Hall hit one too. Ryan Braun scored Corey Hart twice.

Brewers News

- Bill Michaels of 620 talks more about Braun being beaned

- Quevedo at the Buffet asks who do you even throw at? I’ll go with Sanchez, Hinske, and LaRoche then we’re even.

- Mike Cameron is close to being a member of the 250/250 club. And no, that doesn’t stand for batting average. Mike Cameron has been absolutely great this year. Melky Cabrera lost out on a starting role in NY.

- Haudricourt has a chat transcript.

- spotlights Brian Anderson and Bill Schroeder…and I agree. After hearing some of the other commentators on, they are a good combo and do a quality job.

- WTMJ has a little report on Trenni as well.

- Joe Posnanski figured when the last time each team was featured on the cover of SI. Not including the Ryan Braun with Tulo and Upton, you have to go all the way back to April 27, 1987 with Rob Deer on the cover.

- Brew Crew Ball had a great stat - Jason Kendall is only the second player to get plunked by every major league team

- I honestly don’t understand how Rickie Weeks hitting the ball is bad, but here are some numbers that I’ve tried putting into my TI-89 and it didn’t help. I’m wondering if Rickie not stealing is more Macha than him hitting the ball.

Minor Leagues

- The Sounds beat the Iowa Cubs 7-4 and Tim Dillard is 4-0 now!

- First of all…what the f**k? Second of all, I didn’t know they made mercenary mascots.

- Apparently oft-injured pitcher Mark Rogers ran into a wall, but will be fine after missing one start.

- John Delaney of the T-Rats was moved to the DL and infielder Jose Duran was brought up from Helena.

- Huntsville lost to Chatanooga 7-2

NL Central

- The Reds put Edwin Encarnation on the DL…finally a player on the DL NOT on my fantasy team!

- Ever want a Gil Meche bobblehead? Well vote here, Timber Rattler fans. If Meche is not the head you’d like to have bobble, there are many more choices.

- 2008 Rookie of the Year Geovany Soto is having some sophmore slump problems.

- Kevin Gregg only has two save ops.

- Albert Pujols might have fixed something at the plate

- Lance Berkman is trying to bust his slump as well…what does it tell you about Cincinatti women when Berkman shines in Cinci? I’m not implying, I”m just asking…

- Valverde also isn’t feeling right…which means it was a good time to visit Houston with those two not performing.

Other News

- This year's draft is at 6 p.m. ET this year.

- How long will Cleveland leave LaPorta in the minors?


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