Ranking the Best Wrestler T-Shirts WWE Has Ever Released

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 16, 2013

Ranking the Best Wrestler T-Shirts WWE Has Ever Released

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    Last week, I listed some of the absolute worst t-shirts in wrestling history. What a bunch of fashion disasters they were.

    This week, in the interests of fairness (to quote Vince McMahon), I'm going to discuss, and rank, the best t-shirts that the company has ever released.

    What makes a good piece of wrestling clothing? Well, it has to be designed well. It has to be popular too. Feeling comfortable wearing it in non-wrestling settings is a big plus too.

    So let's take a look at the very best WWE t-shirts ever.

    (Sadly, nothing from John Cena made this list.)

Honorable Mention, Miz: Hello, I'm Awesome

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    This wittily designed t-shirt sums up the arrogant, obnoxious nature of The Miz's heel character perfectly, and serves as a perfectly acceptable item of clothing that you wouldn't be ashamed of wearing around non-wrestling fans.

    It's also a great motivational tool: Who doesn't want to hear that they're awesome?

7. Steve Austin. Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave.

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    There's a great deal of charm to this Affliction-style Austin t-shirt.

    It's amusing, straight to the point and nicely designed, so it's no wonder you would see numerous fans clad in this during episodes of Raw and SmackDown. You wouldn't be embarrassed to wear it in non-wrestling settings either.

6. Mick Foley: Cactus Jack

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    OK, so "Mick Foley" and "fashionable" are rarely two phrases that will appear in a sentence together. (Darn it, Mick. You're a multi-millionaire and a best-selling author. Buy a decent suit and stop dressing like a hobo.)

    But not only does this classic t-shirt pay tribute to Foley's legendary Cactus Jack character and ECW history, it's also aided by a great-looking Sergio Leone-inspired design.

    Bold and compelling, this shirt was easily one of the best pieces of merchandise released during the Attitude Era.

5. DX: D-Generation X

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    As I previously noted, DX has had its fair share of awful merchandise over the years. Really, the group's clothing output may have peaked with this sleek, simple and stylish t-shirt released during its heyday.

    With cool merchandise like this, it's no wonder the DX act was as popular among young male fans in the late '90s as it was. It is simply a great piece of wrestling clothing.

4. The Rock: Just Bring It

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    Note to the people at WWE who come up with merchandise ideas for John Cena: You don't always have to go with bright, awful colors that are an assault on the eyes of anyone who catches sight of them.

    Rock's popular "Just Bring it!" t-shirt illustrated this perfectly. Sometimes, the simpler, the better. Not only did Rock look great whenever he walked out to Raw or SmackDown clad in this, but it was also a piece of clothing that his legions of fans could wear with pride.

3. CM Punk: Best in the World

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    Easily one of the best items of clothing to emerge from WWEShop in recent years, CM Punk's "Best in the World" t-shirt has become a must-have for many wrestling fans.

    It's edgy, innovative design suits Punk's anti-authority gimmick perfectly, too. You can fully believe Punk would wear this shirt even if he wasn't getting royalty checks from its sales. 

    No wonder his fans bought it in droves. Part of the appeal of "Best in the World" is that it's not only a good wrestling t-shirt, it's a good t-shirt, period.

2. Hulk Hogan: Hulkamania

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    Arguably the most iconic wrestling t-shirt in history, Hulk Hogan's bright yellow "Hulkamania" t-shirt deserves a high ranking on this list.  Come on: Is there any piece of merchandise as instantly recognizable as this one? Probably not.

    Of course, for all its popularity, it's still rather gaudy-looking. And, really, who decided bright yellow was a good color for a t-shirt? T-shirts for CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio have also been released in this shade, serving to make these guys all look like Big Bird.

    This alone disqualifies "Hulkamania" from the top spot.

1. Steve Austin: Austin 3:16

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    As Steve Austin noted in an interview with WWE.com last year, this item was the biggest wrestling t-shirt in history.

    Indeed, during Austin's peak in the late '90s, you saw people wearing this thing everywhere. For all of Cena's popularity, you certainly can't say that about any of his merchandise. 

    A simple black t-shirt, "Austin's 3:16" is actually the polar opposite of most of the tacky, over-the-top WWE clothing items released these days.

    Note to folks at WWEShop: There's a lesson there.