WWE Extreme Rules 2013: The Miz Has Become Mr. Pre-Show

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WWE Extreme Rules 2013: The Miz Has Become Mr. Pre-Show
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His position at Extreme Rules 2013 demonstrates how far The Miz has fallen, from the heights of being WWE champion to now being a pre-show regular.

While others chase championships and main-event glory on Sunday, Miz will face Cody Rhodes at the Extreme Rules pre-show. This is a spot on the card The Awesome One has become familiar with over the last year.

Shawn Michaels became known as Mr. WrestleMania and Edge was the first to earn the moniker Mr. Money in the Bank. Mr. Pre-Show is a title that Miz won't be flaunting. While many fans tune into YouTube and WWE.com to check out an event's pre-show, it's obviously not nearly as prestigious to be on the streaming portion of a pay-per-view as it is to be a part of the event itself.

It was at last year's Extreme Rules pay-per-view that Miz's pre-show adventure began.

Before challenging Santino Marella for the United States championship that night, Miz spoke indignantly about being placed on the pre-show. He asked the audience if he was supposed to be happy about going from the main event of the show the year before to winding up at the very bottom of the card.

A cobra thwarts The Miz's plans of making noise on the pre-show.

He promised to be the man fans would be talking about the next day. That's not exactly what happened. Brock Lesnar and John Cena made most of the headlines.

Miz was dominant and aggressive throughout the match, but ended up falling victim to Marella's cobra strike. His next time on a pay-per-view pre-show saw him lose once more. Antonio Cesaro defeated him before Royal Rumble 2013 was officially underway.

His WrestleMania 27 main event is an increasingly fuzzy memory. His latest WrestleMania bout was a win over Intercontinental champ Wade Barrett, on the pre-show of course.

The good news is that Miz won a title. The bad news is that many fans didn't see him do it.

While some stars are clearly heading upward and some appear to be tumbling downward, Miz hasn't really gone anywhere recently. 

More than a full year following his loss to Marella, Miz finds himself no higher and with no improvement of his position with the company. He won and lost the IC title (h/t WWE.com) twice in that span, but finds himself still as much as an afterthought as he was last year. He is not viewed as valuable enough to be placed where Cena and Lesnar are this time around.

Guys like Marella and Brodus Clay find themselves relegated to the pre-show. The Divas end up there as well. Being on the level of WWE's women and comedy characters is not ideal. The Miz is more talented than that.

Including Extreme Rules on Sunday, Miz will have been on the pre-show for four of the last 13 pay-per-views, which is about 30 percent of the time. Miz has to wonder if this is just a statistical anomaly or an indication of WWE's impression of his value, if that 30 percent will grow or if the rest of 2013's pay-per-views will find more prominent spots for him.

For now, he is earning a title that is a stark contrast from his nickname of "The Most Must-See Superstar." Must-see performers don't get shoved aside to the pre-show as often as the Miz has so far.

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