Skitsafrantic: Gimmicks That Could Work in the WWE (Part I)

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Skitsafrantic: Gimmicks That Could Work in the WWE (Part I)

When it comes to the world of Pro Wrestling, there are many tools one has to obtain to achieve in the square ring.

From the work of the mic, in ring abilities, promos, physical attributes and even a single look or stare (for example, the People's Eyebrow) but one thing is for sure you have to connect to the crowd.

Like the things mentioned above there is one specific thing that can make you succeed or fail and that is your character or gimmick.

Several of wrestlers have been through this process until they found the right character to reach for the stars.

Guys like Austin and The Rock are two of the most notable of this curious case of gimmicks.

Austin started as a bleached blond in WCW and then moved to the WWF were other characters failed and finally they gave up, and let Austin be Austin but turned way up.

The Rock was known as Rocky Maivia back in the day and was booed and booed and oh yeah booed some more until finally he really gave them something to hate and that was his cockiness and swagger which led him being an Icon.

But for some, it's not that simple, as some don't have the traits or personality to reach that status like that they need a background they need something to push them and that something is a gimmick.

The Undertaker is and should be known as the best gimmick to work and Pro Wrestling history.

Yes, he did take a break from the dark side and became a kick a** bike rider, but The Undertaker dark side will always be best known.

This gimmick/character has held a untouchable streak at the biggest wrestling event of them all WrestleMania, has held different titles and has been an main event star basically since day one of arrival.

So why cant this work for other superstars, because WWE creative team got their heads stuck up you know what (laughs).

No more Hornswoggles, Boogeymen, or any other dumb gimmicks that you know won't work and please don't ever, ever and I mean ever try and put effort and promote a wrestlers gimmick and have them come in the ring and can't even wrestle (Kizarny).

The superstars who should get promoted and the time is the ones who have just a little trouble getting that little extra push.

This is why I present you the Skitsafrantic series. I plan on making this a 3 parter, first I will show you my choices and explain why.

Second I will have you give your ideas and thoughts and if your idea is popular, the gimmick will make it on to the list but you have to explain why.

After the list is officially decided I will present part 2, which I will match possible candidates to this gimmicks.

Part 3 will be storylines and how they can continue to keep the gimmick fresh and long lasting and one day be a top superstar.

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