B/R Turns into WWE Chapter 12 ECW

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 29, 2009

(Commentator 1) Hello ladies and gentleman and welcome to ECW.
This is our first show back after the draft and it is going to be action packed.
We have two new champions Tony Arnoldine is the new ECW champion, and new comer Daniel Sumrall is the new hardcore champion.

(Commentator 2) Wow and what a show it was. Just recapping for those of you that missed Backlash here are a few highlights.

Highlights of the match of the championship match of Tony Arnoldine and Bryn are shown followed by the attack on Dan Telek by Daniel Sumrall capturing the Hardcore Championship.

(Commentator1) We did really well in both the draft and the supplemental draft and we will be seeing some of the new superstars in action here tonight, here we go.

(Announcer) This next match is scheduled for one fall introducing Lucas Berndt and his challenger Nathan Migeul.

(Bell Ring)

Both men circling each other Lucas not wasting anytime moves in and has Nathan around the waist, Nathan delivers some high elbows and breaks the hold, throwing Lucas into the corner and then delivers a knee brace to his chest followed with a few high chops.

He lines Lucas up for a body slam but Lucas quickly moves out of the way and slams Nathan into the corner face first.

Lucas now with a low spear to the back of Nathan’s knees and he rolls him up for the pin 1…2. Nathan kicks out and rolls away.

Lucas now climbing the ropes and he delivers a brilliant moonsault he goes for the pin again 1…shoulder up.

Both men on their feet now in a slugfest of punches pushing each other into the ropes, Lucas tries an Irish whip but Nathan reverses it and slams Lucas into the ropes.

Nathan delivers 4 shoulder barges and then moves in for a brilliantly executed DDT he goes for the count 1…2…3

It’s over.

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winner Nathan Migeul.

Commentator 1) Now that was a high paced match nothing but pure action.

Commercial break.

(Commentator 2) And we are back you are right that was an awesome match but we still have more to come.

(Camera to backstage)

Daniel Sumrall walking out of the locker room.
Rashad out of no where attacks with a barrage of punches and kicks.

Rashad: That’s my title you have there and I plan to get it back right now

Ref runs to the site.

(Bell Ring)

Rashad continues with elbows to Daniel’s back .
Daniel fall to his knees and then delivers a jawbreaker he throws Rashad into the wall face first but Rashad blocks it.

Rashad now with a hip toss on the hard unforgiving concrete.
He moves in for the pin 1…2…Shoulder up.

Daniel is fast getting to his feet, more punches exchanged by both.

Daniel delivers a low leg sweep that lands Rashad on the floor but Rashad is back to his feet within seconds.

Rashad now focusing his punches to Daniels kidneys,blow after blow the pain is registering on Daniel face.

Daniel shoves Rashad into the wall and off loads some punches and kicks to Rashid’s mid section.

He then moves in for Rashad legs and applies the sharpshooter.

Rashad's face tells the story of the pain and he taps out.

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winner and still your Hardcore Champion Daniel Sumrall.


(Commentator 1) And we are back, somehow I don’t think this is over Rashad is not the type to forgive and forget.

(Commentator2) Well I guess Sumrall just got his official welcome to ECW.

Commentator 1) More like a baptism by fire.

(Camera Celeste’s office)

Rashad: Did you see what just happened?

Celeste: Why yes I did. What brings you to my office? Make it quick I have things to do.

Rashad: I want him next week in a stretcher match for my title.

Celeste: I will tell you what; if you beat him next week in a submission match you will have your chance at a title match the very next week, agreed?

That’s unless he loses the title between now and then a week is a very long time to defend a title 24/7, anything can happen.

Rashad: I don’t care if he does lose it between now and then I still want him next and I promise you won’t be sorry.

Celeste: Oh, I know I won’t.

(Commentator1) I told you Rashad was not going to let this go.

(Commentator 2) Well at least we are getting a submission match next week.

(Camera back stage)

Celeste making her way to the ring, she passes Daniel and gives him a smirk.

Celeste: Good job tonight, I hope you can hold your own in a submission match next week against Rashad.

Daniel: I have no problem with that.

Celeste: Good, glad to hear that. Now if you will excuse me I am running late.

The Enemy sounds as Celeste makes her way to the ring.

Celeste: Tonight I have a treat for you all.
The tag team of Clifford Yates and Jabot Singleterry will be involved in a two on one handicap match against no other than ECW’s recent acquisition AG

Both Clifford and Jabot rush into the ring.

Huge pop.

Celeste: Anonymous Guy will you please grace us with your presence and come to the ring?

(Commentator 1) What is she doing?

(Commentator2) I think she is summoning him to appear.

(Commentator1) You can’t be serious?

The arena darkens and Drowning Pool-Tear Away fills the stadium.

A tall dark cloaked figure begins to emerge as Anonymous Guy makes his way to the ring.

Celeste waits nervously for Anonymous to walk into the ring, she stares up at the masked face, thanks him and leaves the ring.

GodSmack - The Enemy fades as Celeste walks out.

(Commintatot1) Did you see the size difference between them two he stands at least one foot taller then her?

(Commentator 2) I don’t blame her for rushing out of the ring; I wouldn’t want to mess with him.

That is the strangest thing I have ever seen in all my years in Wrestling.

(Announcer) This next match is a two on one handicap match and can be won by pin fall or submission there are no disqualifications or count outs.
Introducing the tag team of Jabot and Cliff and the challenger standing at 6’6 and weighing in at 267 lbs Anonymous Guy.

All three men are in the ring Clifford and Jabot starts things offloading a barrage of punches and kicks onto Anon.

They both throw him into the ropes together.

Anon returns with a double clothesline that sends both men crashing down hard onto the mat.

Cliff is the first back on his feet and pushes Anon into the ropes Anon ricochets back and Cliff delivers a mighty side slam.

He goes for the pin 1… shoulder up.

Jabot up on the top rope comes crashing down with a devastating elbow blow to Anon’s heart.

Jabot goes for the pin 1…2. Anon kicks out and rolls out of the ring.

Clifford attempts a slide kick but Anon is too quick and gets out of the way fast.

Clifford slides out of the ring and lands on the unforgiving floor.

Anon now with a handful of Clifford’s hair hurls him straight into the ring stairs.

Jabot up on the top rope delivers a precise moonsault straight onto Anon .

Both men are lying on the floor catching their breath.

Jabot recovers first and heads for one of the steel chairs, Anon waits and just as Jabot starts swinging he counters with a kick straight to the chair sending Jabot into a crumbling heap on to the floor.

The sound echoing eerily while mixing in with the crowds boos.

Anon now gets hold of Clifford and rolls him into the ring and rolls in after him.

He goes for the pin 1.. but he lets him go Clifford gets to his feet and goes for a clothesline but Anon ducks under it and continues to build momentum from the ropes.

Anon launches his whole weight in a flying body slam at Clifford and connects.

He looks around him keeping an eye out for Jabot but he has not moved.

Clifford gets to his knees; Anon sees his opportunity and lifts him up on to his shoulders then drops full face on onto the mat with The Aneurism.
He moves in for the pin 1…2…3…
It’s over

(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Here is your winner Anonymous Guy.

Drowning Pool-Tear Away fills the stadium and the lights go out.

When the lights come back on Anon is no where to be found but the carnage is on display for all to see.

(Commentator1) What a match that was unbelievable.
And that’s all we have time for tonight.
Thanks for tuning in good night and enjoy your evening.


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