Richard Sherman Hires Shamed NFL Replacement Ref to Work Celebrity Softball Game

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 16, 2013

Let's just hope there isn't a close call at home plate. reports star Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is digging deep for a topical and funny cameo for his July 7 softball game in Seattle by inviting Lance Easley to officiate the proceedings. 

While you might not be familiar with the name, you'll certainly recognize Easley's work. The NFL replacement referee is the man who famously called an obvious interception by the Green Bay Packers' M.D. Jennings as a touchdown for Seattle's Golden Tate on Monday Night Football.

The Week 3 game ended as a 14-12 win for the hometown Seahawks.

If you still don't remember, here is a gander into what life was like without the real refs running the show. 

Sherman, a man who is as much about having a great time as he is stopping the opposition, saw a great opportunity with a fun event and took it. 

This is the same man who walked Bourbon Street and asked fans about this "Richard Sherman" guy and whether he was better than Darrelle Revis, only to reveal that he was Sherman. 

He also once decided to take Skip Bayless to task on his own turf. 

So, I guess you could say this latest act is perfect for a man who is enjoying the NFL life in every manner possible. 

The report points to the softball game's Facebook page that has quite the intriguing description as well as photographic evidence of the man with the tenuous touchdown calls. 

Remember the Ref who called TD during the Green Bay Game Monday Night??? His name is Lance Easley and he is going to Umpire for us July 7th! Don't be surprised if a few flags are thrown.

So many questions. 

Is Easley as good an umpire as he is a football referee? If so, I would expect mammoth strike zones come July. 

Also—something that befuddled's Dan Hanzus—what's with the flags? Seems like a mixed metaphor we hope actually comes to fruition. We like to think Sherman's celebrity softball games are far more like MTV's former Rock and Jock spectaculars. 

Either way, get ready for some questionable softball calls July 7.


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