Why Is Blake Griffin Wearing This Massive Gold Chain Everywhere?

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2013

Via Instagram, H/T to Beyond the Buzzer
Via Instagram, H/T to Beyond the Buzzer

Blake Griffin got an early vacation after the Memphis Grizzlies eliminated the Los Angeles Clippers, and he's used the time to hit the beach, chill out and wear an enormous gold chain.

This isn't just a "night on the town" gold chain, this thing is a hunk of metal that some greasy dude in a gang during the 1950s would use to smash in windows.

It's not just that he's started to wear it around either, it's that he seems incapable of taking the thing off.

He's been seen everywhere with this huge thing: out to lunch, hanging with some honeys in the club and even at the freaking beach, just rocking a huge gold chain.

Maybe he's got it around so he can put together a drawbridge when he builds a comically large sandcastle.

Perhaps he's just letting us know in a roundabout way that he really liked WWE Superstar John Cena back when he wore his chain with the lock on the end.

I don't know, maybe he's just a really weird guy.

My personal hope is that he's gearing up to join the World's Strongest Man competition and he's preparing for the anchor drag with baby steps.

We're starting to approach the point where he's going to have to go back in time about three years from now in order to tell his former self not to wear a huge gold chain everywhere he goes. He's starting to look like a maniac.

The only explanation that I can really drum up at this point is that he's waiting for a giant Clippers logo to be smelted so that he can add it to his hilariously large chain. He's obviously trying to compete with this Los Angeles Lakers' fan.

Whatever he's getting at, I just hope it continues with him showing up at increasingly inappropriate places.

I just hope at some point I can write, "After a night at the opera with his giant chain, Griffin held a round-table meeting with David Stern, Pope Francis and Metta World Peace over the state of affairs in the Middle East."

Keep rocking the chain, Blake. I'm not sure why but I'm digging it.