Prince Harry and Mark Teixeira Provide Charming Batting Practice Display

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Prince Harry seems to have a firm grasp on this baseball stuff. 

The Big Lead spotted the posted video from the BBC reporting on Price Harry's latest trip to the United States. 

So far, things have been far less eventful than they were for him the last time around

As the report states, Harry joined New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira on a local baseball field to raise awareness for the Harlem RBI organization, a group that provides "inner-city youth with opportunities to Play, Learn and Grow."

It fits perfectly with Harry and his own charitable initiative, Coach Core, which The Daily Mail explains is "dedicated to improving training facilities for inner-city kids."

As for this particular video, the YouTube description explains this is Adam Parsons calling the hard-hitting action, which would be a rather dull event if not for the play-by-play. 

We agree with The Big Lead in that the best part is Parsons trying to explain the finer nuances of baseball, which mandates the obvious: "It's a bit like cricket for Americans."

This is hardly to make fun of Parsons, because this is exactly how I might explain cricket to an American sports fan. Having very little knowledge of the popular Brit sport, I would have to go with, "Well, I guess it's sort of like cricket, but with bases and chewing tobacco."

Teixeira, for his part, seems to be tossing up some awfully slow pitches to Harry, but we forgive him. The first baseman is, like many old Yankees players, on the disabled list at the moment. 

He is expected to be back by June but may have a spot on the Yankees coaching staff after a day like this. Now, someone get Tex off the field before he hurts himself.

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