Wade Barrett Should Be Paul Heyman's Third WWE Client

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 15, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

With his talent being underused and his WWE journey now directionless, joining forces with Paul Heyman would be the best thing for Wade Barrett.

Barrett's career could gain instant momentum and he would get instant credibility should he form a partnership with Heyman. The move would put renewed focus on the Intercontinental Championship and give us an excuse to watch more of Heyman's entertaining weasel ways.

WWE.com initiated this particular rumor when it published an article on Tuesday about Heyman possibly scouting a third man to add to his posse. The piece claims that, "WWE Superstars and Divas are still abuzz over the possibility of Heyman's ranks increasing by one."

With CM Punk on hiatus and Brock Lesnar not around for every WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown, adding a third member to Heyman's troupe is a brilliant idea. Who gets this spot is a decision that holds significant weight and value.

To be placed in the same grouping as Lesnar and Punk and to be backed by Heyman, even just in storyline, will do wonders for someone on the roster. Who is a better fit for the role than Barrett?

Heyman's loose moral code certainly wouldn't have him able to align himself with WWE's heroes. Throw Sheamus and Daniel Bryan out of the mix then. He's not likely to grab someone from out of nowhere either. He seems to prefer sure things over prospects.

His latest two clients had the monikers "The Next Big Thing" and "The Best in the World."

Barrett is one of the most talented heels on the roster in spite of being underused and seemingly underappreciated. Jim Ross wrote about the bare-knuckle brawler, "I like him and his upside," and predicted that he would be a main event player in 2012.

Maybe the timetable is off, but Ross may prove to be right about where Barrett ends up on the card, especially if he gets a boost from having Heyman by his side. Barrett, like Punk, doesn't need Heyman to be a mouthpiece. Barrett is a good speaker, but having two good talkers on the same squad can produce something special, as evidenced by Punk and Heyman's work over the last year or so.

Selecting Barrett as Heyman's potential third man helps build toward the future. The company needs to establish bigger stars out of guys like Barrett who are younger and talented with plenty left to prove. At just 32, Barrett can conceivably be around for a long time to come.

Having Heyman present for his WWE debut made Lesnar seem even more monstrous. Heyman could have the same effect for Barrett.

Allying with Heyman gives him instant enemies which could translate to stories and feuds, something the Englishman desperately needs. After his tussles with Bo Dallas early this year and trading the IC title with Miz, Barrett is without a foe. That explains his lack of a scheduled match at Extreme Rules.

As soon as he signs a contract with Heyman, names like Vickie Guerrero, Vince McMahon, Brad Maddox, Undertaker, Triple H and Ryback will be added to his list of adversaries. WWE then has a number of choices going forward. Pick one of those names and have Heyman sic Barrett on them.

Just imagine how great Barrett's name would sound with Heyman introducing him.

WWE could be just messing around with that Heyman article, but if it leads to Heyman's clique growing, it will be huge for Barrett or whoever is chosen. Heyman's power and influence is undeniable. As NXT prospect Corey Graves said in the WWE.com article, “If you're a Paul Heyman guy, the world's going to talk about you."

The question is, will they be talking about Barrett or someone else?