Debate: What Will the Outcome Be of the Hawks-Wings Series?

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Debate: What Will the Outcome Be of the Hawks-Wings Series?
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Predict the outcome of the Chicago-Detroit series and in how many games.


Agree with someone's comment? Vote for it to make the Debate Highlights section. Disagree with a comment? Reply and voice your opinion. Happy Debating!

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Hawks in 5, worse case scenario 6. My concerns are Detroit trapping the Hawks and slowing the game down causing Crawford to either get peppered, or f...
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The "Hawks swept Detroit this season. At this time the Redwings are a better team than the one the 'Hawks had their way with and remember those games ...
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I'd have to say the wings in 7. Hank andPavel are the class of the league in skill and leadership and we saw how zetterberg played with his back again...
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Hawks will win in 5. Don't get me wrong I hate the Red Wings (Red Wings fans hate Blackhawks) But they need to be taken seriously all the games played...
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