WWE Proclamation: Why the Attitude Era Cannot Come Back

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WWE Proclamation: Why the Attitude Era Cannot Come Back

An era of blood, sex and violence brought some of the best moments in professional wrestling history. One day, Vince McMahon decided to bring some edge to the spotlight of wrestling of WWE. 

The Attitude Era began in November of 1997. This is where stars such as the Undertaker, Triple H, Kane, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Mankind and the Rock became famous and legends in the industry. 

It didn't stop at singles competition as teams such as the Hardy Boyz, Edge and Christian, the Dudley Boyz and the New Age Outlaws brought relevance to the tag team division in some of the most iconic matches in history. 

Degeneration-X highlighted the Monday Night Wars in the tail end of the era in which we saw the most blood, gore, profanity, violence and sex. 

Undertaker threw Mick Foley off of the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We saw the Big Show, the Radicalz and Chris Jericho enter WWE and make a synonymous name for themselves. 

Just as I mentioned above, the Brothers of Destruction became one of the most popular teams of all-time and the Ministry of Darkness intruded our television screens. Most of the Ministry's actions were controversial just like the crucifixion of Steve Austin. 

It was said to start when McMahon used Vince Russo and his "crash-style" booking to change the product from a fan-friendly product into an adult-centered presentation. 

Bret Hart shoved McMahon after his loss of a chance for the WWE belt in March of 1997 and the rest soon followed. Hart and Michaels began their legendary feud, which culminated into the Hitman leaving the company due to the "Montreal Screwjob". 

"Austin 3:16 says I can kick your a**!" The Attitude Era brought 3:16 and Austin became WWE's first true megastar. With a great hero comes an even better foil as McMahon took it upon himself to ruin Austin's stardom. The feud between McMahon/Austin is said to be the best of all-time.

HBK and Taker feuded for a short time, but it was a very important part to the timeline of events to come, so the wheel could keep turning. 

Mike Tyson brought a wealth of popularity to WWE when he was the special guest enforcer at WrestleMania XIV. He turned on HBK after the victory and celebrated with Austin. The mainstream was more involved with WWE due to Tyson's participation. 

However, as the times changed, the imminent demise of the Attitude Era had come. It was 2002 and the world was changing. No more were the ideas of swearing and blood on TV as acceptable as they once were. Blood has been lesser since 2006-07 and the use of blading is prohibited. 

It's 2013 and people are wanting the Attitude Era to return. I'm here to tell you that it is not possible. In this article, I'll get into five categories that will prove as to why it cannot return. 

  1. Acceptance of Blood
  2. Foul Language
  3. WWE's New Image
  4. Political Correctness
  5. WWE and the Real World

First, let's dive into the aide that helped matches become more vicious and sentimental... blood. 

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