Knicks Owner James Dolan Falls Asleep Out of Boredom at Game 4 vs. Pacers

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2013

Photo courtesy of Kevin Noschang.
Photo courtesy of Kevin Noschang.

This is just embarrassing—and hysterical—and so is James Dolan.

While watching his New York Knicks get pummeled by the Indiana Pacers in Game 4, owner James Dolan fell...well, he fell asleep.

No, I'm not jerking your chain. There is photographic evidence to prove it (h/t Kevin Noschang):

You know your offense has reached new levels of anemia when your owner cannot even stomach its effort.

To be fair, Dolan could still be exhausted from the part he played in running the Knicks franchise into the ground over the last decade or so. To be even more fair, I'm betting most of us wish we'd slept through that awful performance as well.

Of course, you'd like to think the owner of a billion-dollar franchise could stand to digest any display by his product, however horrific. Dolan is footing the bill for what is rapidly turning into a wildly expensive disappointment, after all. He should see what's going on.

You cannot do that with your eyelids closed. Squinting is fine, and even looking away is understandable. But a cat nap? At a playoff game? In an age where everything we do is captured on some sort of camera?

Tisk tisk, Mr. Dolan. We expected more from you.

Well, that's not true. We actually didn't. We most likely expected less. Perhaps we should just be thrilled that you showed up, because the Knicks offense sure didn't.

Although, you do have to wonder, why was he so tired? While the Knicks' performance was regrettable, it was more likely to bring you to tears than induce an obvious slumber. 

Was Dolan painting the town blue and orange with J.R. Smith the night before after watching his New York Rangers win a Game 7? Just resting up for the fourth quarter? Dreaming about LeBron James?

Whatever the reason, Dolan must be thrilled that this series is headed back to New York in Game 5. Not because he has high hopes for his suddenly browbeaten troops, but because I'm guessing he keeps a spare pair of pajamas in his luxury suite. Probably a pillow, blanket and even a binkie, too.

Sweet dreams, Jimmy. Here's to four more quarters of a comatose-esque nirvana in Game 5.