Pull the Trigger: When will Raw Utilize All of Its Potential?

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Pull the Trigger: When will Raw Utilize All of Its Potential?

After watching Raw last night, I found that the Miz's promo really showed that he has all the talent in the world to make a big impact on Raw. He'll likely never be what John Morrison will be, but Miz could have a very bright future. But this article is based on what he said in his promo on Raw.

He was just spot on in saying that we always see Cena, Triple H, Edge, Randy Orton, and Undertaker hogging the main event. Now all of these men have left legacies in the buissness, but it is time for some younger talent to get in the main event.

For Raw right now, the crowd is much larger in main event talent then it used to and that is only going to hurt guys like MVP, Mr. Kennedy, and The Colons who all had a chance to sign on Smackdown.

Smackdown's main eventers as of now consist of Edge, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Undertaker, and Jeff Hardy. Those are the primary top stars there with guys that will be on and off that border like Rey Mysterio, Shelton Benjamin, and John Morrison.

Now Raw's main eventers are Shawn Michaels, Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton, Batista, and Big Show. Matt Hardy, Kofi Kingston, Carlito, Primo, Kennedy, MVP, Brian Kendrick, and Miz are all likely canidates, but who thinks that MVP will get a clean pinfall over Triple H or Batista?

If MVP or Kennedy stayed, one of them would likely be a World Champion by WrestleMania 26.

Guys on Raw will sadly probably not become the superstars that hey could have been on Smackdown, because the card is to crowded. On Smackdown, I could see CM Punk vs John Morrison for the World Title or Jericho vs Jeff Hardy in the main event.

Now WWE sees a lot of potential in guys like Kennedy and MVP who can hold world belts and I have no problem waiting, but when are they going to pull the trigger? I see the problem with Kennedy, but MVP is on the verge of being 36 next year, so I can't see him winning anything significant on Raw.

One thing that really got me upset last night is when John Cena appeared at the end of night. How bad does the Miz look after that. Cena actually backed down from a challenge, yet appears to show up at the end.

Do they think the fans are idiots? Come on, did they expect that we'd forget that Miz called him out. And the sad thing next week will be that they'll either have Cena win in a squash, or they'll drop the whole thing and Miz will feud with a mid card talent.

Do I think guys like Kingston, Kendrick, and Miz will ever be World Champions? I doubt it and that is unfortunate for them as they are all great talents.

The bright side of Smackdown is that they have much more talent, they have ECW talent as they will revert back to the old taping schedule, and we could see guys like Ricky Ortiz, Mike Knox, and Charlie Hass rise to the occasion.

I also feel for ECW talent like Jack Swagger because I feel that his puh will be dropped very soon for Vladimir Kozlov. Classic WWE, put a 37 year old who can't make anybody look good in the ring fight one of the most under rated talents in WWE.

I pray for a Swagger/Bourne fued and I hope they pull the trigger on the New Hart Foundation featuring DH Smith, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya. What a great thing for ECW that will be fresh and feud HF2.0 with Evan Bourne and maybe Hurricane Helms or Finlay.

My overall synopsis is that Raw will bury all their talent for guys in their 40s like Botchtista and Big Show. Oh well, who wants Kofi Kingston when we have Bug Show on Raw?! (sarcasm).

I just pray that MVP vs Orton wasn't just to let MVP bury Rhodes and DiBiase while the WWE Champion feuds with Shane McMahon

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