Agent: David Wells Waiting for Mets

Dave DoyleCorrespondent IApril 6, 2008

The Boston Globe reports that David Wells’ agent, Gregg Clifton, is waiting for a call from the D-Backs or Mets. He believes those are the two teams that he could most likely sign Wells.

The terrible news of Doug Davis’ thyroid cancer has created an opening in the D-Backs' rotation. Pedro Martinez’s hamstring injury has the Mets searching for an answer as well.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Wells come in if he would do a minor-league contract with incentives for Major-League starts. In my mind, he could certainly compete with Tony Armas, Nelson Figueroa, El Duque, and Mike Pelfrey. I haven’t seen anything from the players currently under contract with the Mets that solidifies their position as a replacement for Pedro.

Sure, Wells will be 45-years old next month and he doesn’t exactly have the greatest workout regimen. I’m making that statement based on my eyesight, not any knowledge of his workout program (if such a program exists). I’d rather see Wells than some of the recent Mets substitute starters like Jose Lima and Brian Lawrence. Both were hit more than a piñata.

It sounds like the Mets are willing to give Figueroa a shot this coming Friday against the Brewers and I’m fine with that. But if it doesn’t go well, it may be time to give Gregg Clifton a call.