10 NFL Sponsorship Deals That Must Happen

Alessandro MiglioFeatured ColumnistMay 15, 2013

10 NFL Sponsorship Deals That Must Happen

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    The San Francisco 49ers are building a new stadium in Santa Clara, and they have recently reached a corporate sponsorship deal to name it.

    Levi's jeans will be putting their red stamp on the new facility, a privilege that will cost $220 million. Last week's announcement produced snickers and puns across the web. After all, it seamed like an odd choice.

    Here are 10 more endorsement deals teams should consider making.

Ringling Bros. Stadium

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    This is a halftime deal for MetLife Stadium, which houses both the Jets and Giants.

    There is really no better corporate synergy than the Jets with Ringling Bros. Woody Johnson is the ringmaster of a circus that featured Tim Tebow last season.

    Rex Ryan is the man who eats—and spits—fire. Unfortunately, head clown Mike Tannenbaum is gone, but there will be plenty of opportunity for the Jets to replace him.

    Jenny Craig could be a nice alternative given Rex Ryan's recent weight loss.

Purina Park of Cleveland

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    You had to see this coming.

    What sponsorship deal is a more natural fit than a dog food company with the Dawg Pound? It also makes sense because the Browns have been puppy chow for the rest of the NFL since they came back into the league.

The Dallas Cowboys Sponsored by Lasik

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    Jerry Jones recently underwent the eye surgery he had been putting off for years.

    It wasn't Lasik laser surgery, but what better opportunity for a new endorsement deal on a stadium? Maybe Jones will see better now after 15 years of mediocrity or worse.

    Of course if he really did see clearly, he might fire himself as the general manager.

Disney Stadium of Anaheim of Los Angeles

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    What better opportunity for corporate sponsorship than Disney in Southern California? After all, it is a local company with a Thunder Mountain of cash.

    Why is this perfect? Because a stadium in Los Angeles is a fairy tale, of course. Maybe Roger Goodell will be inducted as the 12th official princess.

Arrowhead Stadium Brought to You by the Keystone Pipeline

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    We would never stump to change the name of hallowed Arrowhead Stadium, but why not tack on a sponsorship deal at the end?

    The Keystone Pipeline makes perfect sense here, given the state of Missouri granted TransCanada a property tax exemption for tearing through the state with the massive line.

    Heck, why make TransCanada pay for the sponsorship? The Chiefs should be paying them for the honor of having the Keystone Pipeline name attached to their sacred grounds! After all, oil executives can never have enough money.

Flex-N-Gate Park

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    I'm not sure if a team owner can slap his own company's name onto the stadium, but this would be a great alternate name for EverBank Stadium in Jacksonville.

    Why is that?

    Well, Shahid Khan is a billionaire owner thanks to his company which we have never heard of. Obscurity breeds mockery and contempt, which is exactly what Jaguars fans have had to deal with over the years. 

    But Flex-N-Gate is a highly successful business, so Khan gets the last laugh. 

Jeffrey Loria Stadium

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    Well, the Dolphins won't be getting public money for renovations anytime soon.

    They have one man to thank for that: Jeffrey Loria. The embattled Marlins owner bamboozled the City of Miami into eventually paying $2.4 billion for his park, luring high-priced free agents for a year before holding yet another fire sale.

    The bad taste in the public's mouth was still there when Stephen Ross tried to get a deal that would allow for expensive renovations with some public support. It died in the Florida Congress.

    What better way to honor Loria's contribution than to give him a personal endorsement deal?

National Indian Gaming Association Stadium in Washington DC

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    Washington boasts one of the most offensive team names in sports, but it has survived because it's embedded in our culture.

    Since it seems unlikely the Redskins will change their name anytime soon, why not give something back to the Native American community by renaming their stadium to advertise the National Indian Gaming Association.

    It is a non-profit dedicating to advancing "the lives of Indian peoples economically, socially and politically. NIGA operates as a clearinghouse and educational, legislative and public policy resource for tribes, policymakers and the public on Indian gaming issues and tribal community development."

Wrangler Stadium in Minnesota

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    The Vikings have a shiny new stadium coming. What better way to christen it than to sell its sponsorship to the company that sponsors He Who Shall Not Be Named?

    After all, with Levi's in the stadium-naming business, Wrangler needs to step up its game.

    Minnesota could have Brett Favre's face plastered all over the new stadium. What memories of almost-glory that would invoke. 

LucasFilm Stadium in Foxborough

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    Given LucasFilm was sold, this might be a conflict of interest if Disney already owns the naming rights to a fictional stadium in Southern California.

    The natural correlation between The Hoodie and Emperor Palpatine. 

    Just think of the marketing opportunities here. The stadium-as-Death-Star toys, football lightsabers, plush toys galore... the possibilities are endless.

    There is no try here.