Titus Young's Father Richard Says Son Has Brain Disorder

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

Former Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young has made headlines for all the wrong reasons lately. He was arrested three times last week. His father, Richard, believes that a brain disorder may be to blame for Young's actions. 

According to Josh Katzenstein of The Detroit News, Richard took Titus out for coffee last Friday and all seemed well. Richard knew that something was wrong, though, when Titus left after claiming he was going to get his phone from his car.

Richard told The Detroit News on Monday, "We knew that something had happened to him or he was locked up again. His mind is not capable enough to go out and deal with society because of this situation."

According to the elder Young, his son suffers from a condition that causes the brain to compress against the front of his skull. He told Katzenstein that Titus takes medication to correct the disorder, which was exacerbated by a concussion during his rookie season, but he hasn't been keeping up with it.

"He's not dealing with it the way he should be. If the judge gives him a court order, then maybe he'll get the help he needs," Young claimed.

After being arrested twice over the course of 15 hours in San Moreno, Calif. on May 5, Young's latest arrest came in San Clemente, Calif. as he was allegedly caught attempting to break into a home. Young resisted arrest and ran, according to Katzenstein, but he was ultimately subdued and taken in by authorities.

It remains to be seen how Young will be handled after being arrested yet again, but hopefully the former second-round pick is given the help he needs to turn his life around.


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