Bleacher Report's Official Submission for Dallas Mavericks' Uniform Re-Design

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

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Mark Cuban is taking a different approach to find a new uniform design for the Dallas Mavericks starting in the 2015-16 season. Instead of spending a bunch of money, hiring designers and actually talking to people who know what they're doing, he's asking fans to submit their designs.

With the Mavericks missing the playoffs for the first time since 2000, the year that Mark Cuban bought the team, he seems to be a bit stir-crazy.

There are no referees for him to yell at, no media to complain to or about and few people thinking about the Mavericks in general.

In order to get a few eyes his way, and a few more basketball fans putting Dallas on their minds, he's cooked up this scheme to see if he can strike gold in a sea of joke submissions. (Via

The Mavs are going to re-do our uniforms for the 2015-16 season… if we get a unique and original design. What’s the best way to come up with creative ideas ? You ask for them. So we are going to crowd source the design and colors of our uniforms.

You know what an NBA uniform looks like. You know what the Mavs colors are for today and the past.  We want some new ideas that stay true to our logo and at least close to our current color schemes. Show us what you got !

How do you participate ? You post your ideas/pictures/graphics/videos/photos directly on this blog.  Yes we want every one to see them.  Steve Jobs said “everything is a remix” . Uniforms probably more so than even technology. So we want every post to inspire other ideas and posts.


If we really like your design and you, I may even throw in some tickets.

So there you have it. What do you, the creative mind behind the uniform that the Mavs are going to make gobs of money from through jersey sales, receive? Maybe some tickets.

Sure, it's a bit cheesy, and the prospect of just getting a few tickets to a Mavs game in exchange for a uniform design seems a tad cheap on Cuban's part, but it is kind of a cool idea.

That's why I decided to throw my hat into the ring and rig up my own design for Dallas' uniforms come 2015.

My initial thought is probably what 90 percent of the people out there thought; they've got to bring back the green and blue color scheme from the beginning of this franchise's time in the league.

From there, the only thing that I knew I should do is center the design around Dallas' superstar: Mark Cuban himself.

That's right, it's not the Dirk Nowitzki show in Dallas, or even the O.J. Mayo, Chris Kaman or Darren Collison show. For the past decade this team has been all about Cubes himself.

With that I decided to center the design around what's first and foremost in Cuban's life—Shark Tank.

After Cuban missed a meeting with free-agent point guard Deron Williams last summer in order to film an episode of his reality show, Cuban's priorities were questioned, and his reputation as an owner took an enormous hit.

With these new uniforms, Cuban can finally go ahead and just mix the two, all while advertising for his hit show.

The NBA was already talking about allowing advertisements on jerseys last year, so why not just jump the gun and become a pioneer?

However, stopping there would leave us just a bit short of what Cuban's vision truly is.

The rest of the uniform's design is more or less summed up by his Sketchers commercial from last year.

Obviously this design is going to call for the baggiest shorts possible for the Mavericks' new uniform. What I'm thinking is grabbing 15 pairs of parachute pants and chopping them off at the knee.

From there, we're going to move on down to the feet. Dallas is going to become the only team in the NBA to have completely uniform shoes, and the first to be sponsored by Sketchers.

Every player is going to get his own pair of Sketchers Relaxed Fit shoes with the extra roomy toes and the super cushy insoles.

Dallas is about to become the most comfortable team in the NBA.

Can you design a better uniform? Probably.

Go ahead and show me up and you could be the proud owner of a pair of tickets to a Mavs game sometime in the future.