WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 3 Storylines That Need to Be Addressed

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

WWE Extreme Rules 2013: 3 Storylines That Need to Be Addressed

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    We're only days away from the Extreme Rules 2013 pay-per-view, and the card seems to be pretty much locked in and ready to go.

    However, just because the matches have been determined does not mean that all the loose ends have been wrapped up.

    There are still several stories going on in WWE at the moment that have been left by the wayside in the process of building the card. If they aren't addressed in some capacity, they will run the risk of being forgotten.

    Which storylines are in need of some kind of reference at Extreme Rules? Let's take a look.

The Undertaker vs. The Shield

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    For the most part, The Shield has addressed their attacks as being about righting the wrongs in WWE. They claim to be fixing injustices as opposed to going after opponents for personal gain or any kind of a vendetta.

    So where does The Undertaker fit into this? Why did they decide after WrestleMania XXIX that they should target him next?

    The Shield has had several encounters with Undertaker over the past few weeks, but they have a knack for getting involved with random people on a regular basis. It's almost a blueprint of the career of The Shield members so far that they simply wrestle six-man tag team matches with a random grouping of three other men.

    In the past, that has usually included John Cena or Ryback, but The Undertaker's inclusion in this came as a shock to people like myself who assumed the Phenom would be heading back into semi-retirement after WrestleMania.

    Because of this, I personally want to know more about this feud. I don't want them to leave this the way that they last left off—as that had no cathartic moment or any kind of true resolution.

    Perhaps The Undertaker will show up to cost Dean Ambrose his United States Championship match against Kofi Kingston or to interfere in a Tag Team Championship match on behalf of Team Hell No?

    There needs to be more to this than just a quick, passing sentence spoken by Michael Cole in a recap of the feud while a Shield member heads to the ring from the audience.

The Severity of Dolph Ziggler's Concussion

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    Since Dolph Ziggler suffered his concussion, there has been speculation as to how they would address the World Heavyweight Championship match. Surely, Ziggler wouldn't be able to wrestle something as brutal as a ladder match if there was doubt that he would be medically cleared to get in the ring in a normal fashion.

    The answer seems to be that they will be pulling Ziggler from the match and replacing it with an I Quit Match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger to determine the No. 1 contender for Ziggler's championship down the line.

    Just how far down the line are we talking, though?

    To what extent is Ziggler's health an issue? Are we talking about him needing an extra week to rest, or is he going to be out of action all the way up until the Payback several weeks from now?

    Ziggler may not be able to wrestle in any capacity, but it would serve them well to have him attend the match and participate with the commentary team. They can use that time to speak about the severity of his concussion and let us know when he should be cleared to wrestle, and since he is already out there to check out the competition, which person would he rather defend his title against int he future?

    What happens when "the show off" has to sit out of the show? How does he feel about being removed from the match? Is it a welcome break where he can keep his title and that's all that matters to him, or is he frustrated that someone like Teddy Long made the decision rather than the acting SmackDown general manager Booker T?

    The state of the World Heavyweight Championship is infinitely more important than the outcome of a match that determines who receives a title shot, so WWE should do its best to highlight the concussion situation for all those who are wondering what might happen next.

Who Is Kaitlyn's Secret Admirer?

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    The Great Khali is supposed to be on the job trying to figure out who Kaitlyn's secret admirer is, but the case has yet to be busted open.

    The storyline is most likely not going to go down in history as one of the most interesting or important, so there isn't much to be missed if it's drop it in favor of adding more time to a match on the card. However, it still is a current angle, and it should be addressed simply because of that fact.

    For all intents and purposes, one can assume that WWE created this storyline to build up to something that it wanted to do and that it wanted it to mean something. That is hindered if it plays no part whatsoever at Extreme Rules.

    On top of this, Kaitlyn's former best friend AJ Lee has been the No. 1 contender for her Divas Championship for some time. As of right now, there is currently no title match between these two added to the pay-per-view card, which seems to be pretty stacked as it is.

    Will there be a backstage segment that accomplishes keeping this storyline alive, or will it be absent from the event and expected to pick back up on the following night's episode of Raw?

    For that matter, all of these storylines and all of those that will be taken care of during the pay-per-view need to be continued on Monday Night Raw. Nothing is more pointless in a business that prides itself on building stories than a storyline that goes nowhere and is dropped without some kind of a purpose to it.

    In what ways would you like to see WWE address these storylines at Extreme Rules? Are there any others that you feel need to be given the light of day that WWE might be forgetting about?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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