Watch LeBron James Throw Down a Monster Power Dunk vs. Bulls

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 13, 2013

LeBron James is up to his usual hijinks with the Miami Heat, keying in on turnovers before they even happen, sprinting to the other side of the court and doing his best to entertain a hostile Chicago crowd.

In one of his best transition plays of the playoffs thus far, after seeing Norris Cole and Shane Battier trap Nate Robinson and wrestle the ball away from him, LeBron takes off for the promised land on the other side of the floor.

By the time he makes it to where Robinson is on the floor, the ball is loose. A split second later, he's a solid five feet in front of Cole, who shovels the pass up to him and simply gets out of the way.

The result is LeBron taking off from a step inside the free-throw line and powering home a dunk, much to the chagrin of the jeering crowd.

Perhaps the most impressive part of the entire exchange was how quickly LeBron was able to make it from his defensive position in the post, up to half court and then from the half-court line to the rim for the dunk.

If there's a loose ball dunk opportunity involved, I am convinced LeBron would be timed at about 4.12 in the 40.

— Zac Jackson (@FSOhioZJackson) May 13, 2013

Ball on the floor in scramble, LeBron takes off like a rocket from behind and gets a free dunk. He pays attention, doesn't he?

— Harvey Araton (@HarveyAraton) May 13, 2013

It was all a part of an incredibly rough first half for the Bulls, who were able to keep the Heat offense down just a bit, but weren't able to make shots with any kind of consistency.

Chicago made just over a quarter of its shots in the first half and turned the ball over eight times, this being one of them.

Miami's onslaught led to a 44-33 halftime advantage, giving the Bulls wobbly knees and flushed faces with the prospect of a second half.

Perhaps that's just the flu again.