Big E. Langston: WWE Needs to Use His Sense of Humor More

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 13, 2013

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Big E. Langston may look like more of a battering ram than a court jester, but he's a surprisingly funny guy who WWE needs to find a way to make more use of somehow.

He's too big and powerful to be made into a Santino Marella-type character, but revealing more of his personality makes him a more well-rounded, more interesting performer.

During his time on the main roster, fans have mostly seen Langston smash on lesser foes or stand at Dolph Ziggler's side looking menacing. Anyone who has seen his work on NXT or follows him on Twitter knows that he is a likable, silly guy with a strange charm.

WWE will certainly find a way to use all those bulging muscles of his, but the company should also look to utilize his sense of humor as well.

Langston's Twitter account reveals a witty side of him that fans don't yet see on TV. It's through that medium that his oddball fun side is best showcased.

In recent weeks, someone has sent anonymous gifts to Kaitlyn. Langston took to Twitter to deny being her secret admirer.

He may come off as creepy, but the big fella is certainly amusing as well. This is the norm for Langston on Twitter, delivering sharp, off-putting jokes.

Randomness is also a strong suit for Langston. He recently threw out some hilarious thoughts about robot companions versus children.

He can win folks over with dorky references as well, as evidenced by his Twitter reaction to accidentally smacking AJ Lee in the chest.

Being funny while typing is definitely different than being funny in front of a live audience, but Langston has won over NXT crowds with his unique approach to promo work. It's not exactly precise or poignant, but there's something oddly engaging about him when he speaks.

Perhaps the company has him experiment on lower-profile shows like WWE Main Event, seeing how fans react to his gruff and goofy shtick. He won't challenge The Rock in terms of making people laugh, but Langston appears to have potential in that area.

Langston has an off-kilter personality that just might shine in the right situation. Check out how giddy he gets when he receives a My Little Pony that looks a lot like him. He has an endearing combination of nerdiness and enthusiasm here.

As intimidating as his physique and rhino-inspired offense is, a clip like that shows us that Langston may be more suited for at least a partially lighthearted character. Maybe he has a set of dueling personalities, one where he is a dominant brute and one where he is more fun-loving.

There's a weird energy about Langston, something that prevents him from being neatly fit into the standard wrestler templates. WWE can choose to ignore that and simply make him another typical powerhouse, or it can explore ways to bring out the humor humming under all those muscles.

Put him on commentary, have him do backstage interviews or give him something completely unexpected. WWE already has enough wrestlers who are strictly comedy characters. Langston, instead, would be a better fit as some sort of hybrid, a surprising blend of jokester and monster.