Draft Value: Something the Raiders Just Do Not Understand

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Draft Value: Something the Raiders Just Do Not Understand
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Al Davis looks pretty angry in the above picture, but he should not be the angry one. The people that should be angry are the Raiders' fans. 

Now, I am not a Raider fan, but even I felt ripped off this weekend. I know that this draft has been talked about again and again for you guys. Everyone is saying how stupid the picks were, but they were not stupid picks. The timing was stupid. 

With the seventh overall pick, the Raiders selected Darius Heyeward-Bey (I will refer to him as DHB). DHB is a good player—he has amazing speed and has very soft hands. He is definitely a first rounder, but not a top-ten pick. 

DHB would more than likely have been available all the way down to probably the 20th or maybe the 25th pick. What that means is that the Raiders did not get the value that their pick was worth. 

Crabtree was sitting there, and although I believe they should have taken him instead, the Raiders still should have traded down. To not only get DHB later, which means pay him less money, but also pick up maybe another solid wide receiver or big offensive lineman in the second round. 

But no. 

So, fine, they really wanted DHB, and maybe they knew something we didn't know—that's fine. The real problem was in the second round pick.

In the second round, they selected Michael Mitchell. 

To say that this was a reach would in and of itself be a reach.

Why would a team draft a player who, at best, should have been a fourth-round pick? And even that would have been a stretch. This again shows that the Raiders have no concept of draft value. 

For some reason, the Raiders have a skewed view on this. For those who will make the Nnamdi Asumugha argument: By saying that he was a stretch...he was a stretch by about 10 picks, not 200-something picks. 

Basically, I am writing this to explain to any Raider fan who is unclear about the picks. These players are good players, but that has nothing to do with why the Raiders had a bad draft. 

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