NBA Playoffs 2013: Predicting the Outcome of Tuesday's Matchups

John RozumCorrespondent IMay 13, 2013

Will the Knicks even the series on the road?
Will the Knicks even the series on the road?USA TODAY Sports

The 2013 NBA playoffs have some appealing matchups for fans on Tuesday.

In the Eastern Conference, the New York Knicks take on the Indiana Pacers and look to even the series. After New York flopped in Games 1 and 3, Indiana has taken control of home court and the series.

In the Western Conference, the No. 2-seeded San Antonio Spurs are currently tied at two games apiece with the Golden State Warriors. As a sixth seed, the Warriors were the lowest-ranked team to advance from Round 1 and have certainly performed above expectations.

With two exciting matchups set, let's get to it and check out who takes Tuesday's contests.


Knicks at Pacers

After dropping Game 2 in New York in emphatic fashion, Indiana quickly took the momentum back and enters Game 4 up 2-1.

Even better, the Pacers host the Knicks on Tuesday, which puts added pressure on New York to win. Indiana's defense was simply dominant in Game 3, as New York connected on only 35.2 percent of its shots and was out-rebounded 53-41.

What remains a concern for Indiana, though, is turnovers. It has committed 54 through three games, and feeding the Knicks offense extra possessions spells trouble for the Pacers.

New York, on the other hand, must capitalize on those extra possessions. The Knicks have won the turnover battle in each contest, but they struggle in the paint and aren't knocking down shots from long range.

Plus, Carmelo Anthony was the lone Knicks player to score more than 10 points in Game 3.

Against a defense like Indiana's, New York must find that second scorer. That said, expect the Pacers to slow the tempo down, remain physical and win the possession battle to limit New York's opportunities.

Prediction: Pacers

Warriors at Spurs

Golden State and San Antonio have gone at it in the most exciting series thus far.

Swapping victories through four games, the series heads back to Texas for Game 5 on Tuesday. Each game has provided us with snapshots of each team's ability to score points in bunches.

Golden State has won the battle on the boards and even recorded 65 rebounds in Game 4. This is a key aspect in which San Antonio must improve to win this series.

Golden State keeps giving itself second-chance opportunities while also limiting them for the Spurs. A direct consequence of this, however, is more turnovers by the Warriors.

Despite winning on Sunday, Golden State coughed it up 18 times and was fortunate to force overtime. The Spurs won't turn it over much and will still work efficiently to take advantage of Golden State's inconsistent defense.

Prediction: Spurs