WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Breaking Down Most Dangerous Matches on the Card

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistMay 14, 2013

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The 2013 Extreme Rules pay-per-view is less than a week away, and the build to this brutal event has the WWE Universe excited about the most dangerous matches on the card.

From Sheamus and Mark Henry going to war with a strap, to Brock Lesnar fighting Triple H inside a steel cage, Sunday’s PPV is setting up to be a card filled with ruthless aggression and brutality.

While there likely won’t be blood, the hardcore nature of each match will give this show an old-school feel.

That’s something all members of the WWE Universe can appreciate.


Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

Stipulation: Strap Match

It has been a long time since the WWE has booked a classic four-corner strap match, but if there were any two combatants that would fit the bill for a bout this brutal, it would be Mark Henry and Sheamus.

This match will be an all-out brawl that features the most danger of the night. Both Henry and Sheamus will be beating each other with the strap tethering them together, leaving visible damage all over their bodies.

There will be nothing PG Era about how these men look after this match.

As far as the actual outcome of this in-ring war, there is only one correct winner: Mark Henry.

Sheamus is in a holding pattern right now, and a win over Henry would prove nothing. The World’s Strongest Man has never been booked better and his promos and in-ring work reflect just how great he has become.

Henry wins the bout, and Sheamus wears the wounds of this strap match loud and proud.

Prediction: Mark Henry wins.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

Stipulation: I Quit Match

After it was announced on Raw that Dolph Ziggler would not be cleared to wrestle at Extreme Rules (h/t WWE.com), Teddy Long went on to book a No. 1 contender’s match between Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger.

Instead of this being a standard one-on-one bout, Del Rio will fight Swagger in an I Quit match that fits the bill of the Extreme Rules PPV perfectly.

As much as losing Ziggler hurts this match, the bout will be intensified because both of the competitors will be looking to steal the show in order to pave their ability to step up in a time of need.

This will be brutal match that features plenty of dangerous spots.

With the WWE allowing Ziggler to retain the title, the natural outcome would be the face Del Rio winning the No. 1 contendership and Swagger being relegated out of the World Heavyweight Championship scene.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio


Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

Stipulation: Steel Cage Match

There is no question that Brock Lesnar and Triple H have proven in their two previous matches this year that they can be dangerous and unpredictable, but there is a concern that the usage of the steel cage in this match will limit how much the duo can do.

Triple H and Lesnar will not be scaling the steel cage as much as most combatants, causing this match to be a straight-up brawl in the middle of the ring. At least with the other two matches, the addition of weapons made the bouts more intriguing.

Inside a steel cage, Triple H and Lesnar must tell a story with their wrestling.

The duo will likely use the cage as a battering ram throughout the match—possibly even going through the side of the cage at some point for the awe factor—which will still make this one of the more dangerous bouts of the night.

Let’s just hope Lesnar doesn’t try his moonsault from the top of the cage.

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins.


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