Anderson Silva To Fight Forrest Griffin at UFC 101: Thank You Dana White

Tony PrestonCorrespondent IApril 2, 2017

Kevin Iole of Yahoo Sports has reported that Anderson Silva will officially be facing Forrest Griffin at UFC 101. Iole has reported that both Griffin and Silva are thrilled to have this fight signed.  White stated that he thinks this a fight fans want to see.

I want to see this fight and I am also thrilled to see this fight take place.  Right after the Silva/Leites debacle I said that if either Thiago Silva or Forrest Griffin got hurt I would to see Silva as the replacement fighter. However, the UFC has decided that instead of waiting to see if one of the fighters gets injured that they would rather see Forrest Griffin against Anderson Silva.

Griffin has a huge heart and a strong chin, while Silva has an amazing Mauy Thai game and a devastating clinch. This fight should be a slug fest and I think it will end quickly.

Silva has a couple of lackluster performances and I think this fight makes UFC 101 a great card. With a main event of BJ Penn fighting Kenny Florian for the lightweight title.  this should be a great lead in.

I do not see this fight being anything but spectacular. Griffin I think will be willing to engage Silva and Silva will feel that he is being challenged.

One last little note in the article on Yahoo Sports Silva has also said he would like to fight Fedor and isn't willing to say he can beat him but that it will at least be an interesting fight.