LeBron James Responds to Talk of Flopping, Saying He's Not One of 'Those Guys'

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 13, 2013

LeBron James doesn't perceive himself to be a flopper.

Though the Chicago Bulls essentially accused the Chosen One of flopping, LeBron maintains that he isn't among the NBA's band of religious floppers (via NBA.com):

The suggestion that he's a flopper drew a grin as wide as his wingspan from LeBron James.

Miami's superstar shot down the accusations from the Chicago Bulls, saying they reminded him of the days when some claimed he was overrated and questioned his ability to lead a team to a championship.

"It's kind of the same [as when] I heard people say I was overrated," he said Sunday. "It's kind of like the same response."


"I don't need to flop," James said. "I play an aggressive game. I don't flop. I've never been one of those guys."

LeBron was responding to allegations that he oversold Nazr Mohammed's shove in the Miami Heat's 104-94 Game 3 victory over the Bulls.

After sending Mohammed to the floor in an attempt to "steal the ball," LeBron was called for a technical foul. While he was in the middle of his "Who, me?" act, Mohammed got to his feet and sent LeBron to the hardwood with a push of his own.

Conspiracy theories ran rampant after the game. Tom Thibodeau took shots at the officiating crew in general, but he also didn't hesitate to call LeBron a flopper:

"From my angle, I just saw a guy flop," he said (via Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports).

Nate Robinson shared his coach's sentiments as well:

"You see LeBron in a lot of commercials, a lot of good acting," he said.

As a superstar, LeBron is going to get whistles in his favor. As for him not engaging in the art of flopping, though, I'm not so sure he can say that he is "not one of those guys." 

This isn't the first time LeBron has been implicated in a flopping fiasco, and it won't be the last. And whether or not you believe he flopped against Mohammed, the King has done it before:

To defend himself in this particular instance against the Bulls is one thing, but to say that he's never used flopping to his advantage is another.

The latter simply isn't true.