WWE Superstars: Talent Who'd Be Better off Released

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WWE Superstars: Talent Who'd Be Better off Released

Year after year, people come to the WWE with hopes of making it big. They want to headline WrestleMania, win championships, put on epic feuds, and go down in history as one of the greatest, if not the greatest of all time.

Some of these men and women go on to do that. Of our current generation the names Randy Orton, CM Punk, and of course John Cena have all but solidified themselves in the annals of WWE history. However, many more never see such success.

For every John Cena, there's a Zack Ryder. For every CM Punk, there's a JTG. For every Randy Orton, there's a Sin Cara. Simply put, sometimes guys just don't make it. Whether through some fault of their own, or simply no luck on the draw, failure is a much more believable result than success in the WWE.

That's not even taking into account some superstars like Kofi Kingston, Cody Rhodes, and Santino Marella. These men have all seen some real success in the WWE. All three are multiple-time Intercontinental or Tag Team Champions. Santino and Kofi are former United States Champions as well.

Still, one has to think that all three of these men want even more. They are hungry. Though the question is, will WWE satiate that hunger, or perhaps it's time to find food elsewhere for some.

For some people, the best course of action at this point, would be simply to ask for a release. The WWE has had plenty of time to push certain people in some or another and in many cases it's become apparent WWE never will push someone.

People may want to argue that it's all about putting your time in and waiting for your shot, but after so many years of trying and waiting, and wasting talent year after year (these guys aren't getting any younger,) perhaps it's just better to take what success you do have and roll that into success elsewhere, and these are talents that I think could do just that.

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