San Francisco Giants: Front Office Living in Their Own World

BaySportsInsider.comCorrespondent IApril 4, 2008

These two quotes really summed up the beginning to the Giant's season:

"I think the young players can give us some energy."
-Peter McGowan after Opening Day starting lineup, which included Ray Durham (36), Dave Roberts (36), Randy Winn (33), Rich Aurilia (36) and Bengie Molina (33), was announced.

"You don't realize how much blind optimism there is in the world until you watch a San Francisco Giants pregame show."
-Tim Keown, ESPN (


I can only wonder how long it will take for the Giants' management to give the young kids a chance. I hope they don't wait until we are 20 games back.

I think I speak for most Giants fans when I say that our chances of making the playoffs this year are very slim.

Even if the front office truly believes that Durham, Roberts, Winn, and Aurilia give them a better chance to win games, it really doesn't matter because this isn't a playoff team with the existing lineup.

The youth movement has its risks but at least there is a potential upside.

Why continue to play veteran that absolutely will not be a part of the team one or two years from now?

You will have to ask Sabean, McGowan, Bochy and team as it only seems to make sense to them.