WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Note to WWE; Do Not Add a 4th Member to the Shield

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2013

From WWE.com
From WWE.com

The Shield has been the most successful entity in the WWE since its debut.  Its success has been similar to lightning in a bottle, where everything seems to have lined up perfectly for The Shield to matter. 

The stable has managed to remain undefeated.  It's still novel, for the most part.  The Shield has hung with main eventers.  At this point, The Shield is the main event. 

But as momentum continues to grow, many have intimated that maybe it's time for expansion. 

Last month, WWE.com stirred the pot by inquiring whether or not there is a "mysterious fourth member" of The Shield.  Various dirt sheets have followed WWE's lead, including PWTorch, which posed the question to its fans: Should The Shield add a fourth member

Long story short?  No. 

The NWO comparisons to The Shield are inevitable.  Three outsiders dressed in black defiantly march through spectators and dismantle contracted talent.  Sound familiar?  

The NWO was at its hottest with three big names at the helm.  Hogan.  Hall.  Nash. 

And while their expansion didn't hurt until it grew into a mini-providence, The Shield should avoid all temptation in order to maintain its effectiveness. 

Randy Orton could be a candidate.  Sheamus, even.  Perhaps WWE could call somebody up from Developmental.  All are very provocative suggestions.  None of them should actually happen. 

The WWE will elevate the individual members of this unit as potential future stars.  If so, they'll be wise to keep the focus on the heat already garnered within this group.

Nexus started out with eight members.  As hot as that stable once was, it quickly became crowded and unnecessary once its cloak of invincibility was pierced at SummerSlam 2010.  Then came the additional members.  Even CM Punk couldn't right this sinking ship with the launch of the New Nexus.  

Now, Wade Barrett is a shell of himself as an Intercontinental champion not currently booked for Extreme Rules. 

Skip Sheffield had to change his name in order to become relevant again. 

WWE would be subtracting from The Shield by addition.  There needs to be a storyline arc that smoothly carries the members of this small, effective stable into the next phase of their careers.  Adding more members would only complicate that goal.


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