Get Connected to Derek Fisher's Stalker Via MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter

Jersey ChaserContributor IIApril 28, 2009

Derek Fisher is over here in a real life fatal attraction!

This chick named Symone has been stalking him for years. You might know her as the "Real Mrs. Fisher" because that’s what she goes by on her MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

And, yeah those are the real ones...

Fisher went and got the restraining order against the crazy ho today. And he is saying that he don’t even know her. Yet she’s been running around town telling her girls that they’re married and are about to have a kid. Word!

And the triv part is that the chick has already legally changed her last name to Fisher. Now that’s something that the white chick in Obsessed never did.

And she even sends him love letters and luckily for us he saved them so we all could see how crazy this ho was. If you have nothing better to do, read them here.