Spike Lee's $40K Offer for Game 3 Tickets in Indy Rejected by Pacers Fan

Grant Hughes@@gt_hughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 11, 2013

According to Mike Wells of the Indianapolis Star, not even a $40,000 offer from New York Knicks superfan Spike Lee was enough to get one Indiana Pacers supporter to part with his courtside seats for Game 3.

It's great that the world's most famous Knicks fan is devoted enough to shell out big bucks for a prime seat on the road, but Lee should have known that Indiana was the last place he'd get someone to do him a solid.

It's a little-known fact that most post offices in Indiana feature a picture of Lee tacked to the "Most Wanted" bulletin boards behind the counter. In addition, most restaurants lose their licenses if they serve him food.

In other words, if he wanted a favor from a Pacers fan, Lee was barking up the wrong tree.

Besides, we're painfully close to the anniversary of the moment that set Knicks and Pacers fans at each others' throats in the first place.

At least these two guys talk nowadays. It wasn't so long ago that they only communicated with hand gestures.

Perhaps there was some concern that Lee's wardrobe would be a distraction if he sat on the sidelines.

Some of the orange-and-blue getup we've seen during this postseason has raised the bar on gaudy NBA fashion—which is saying something if you've seen some of the gear Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony have sported in postgame press conferences.

Congratulations, Mr. Stewart Reed. You did the right thing.

Lee might be responsible for He Got Game, but he certainly doesn't "got ticket," which is a delightfully ironic development.