Watch as Eagles Rookie Safety Earl Wolff Leaps onto a 5'8" Shelf

Brad Gagnon NFL National ColumnistMay 10, 2013

A shelf doesn't sound as glamorous as a car, but you could argue that what Philadelphia Eagles rookie safety Earl Wolff is about to do in the video below is actually more impressive than what former MLB outfielder Joey Gathright did when he leaped over a Mitsubishi and a BMW

Wolff, who was found to be 5'11" at the NFL Scouting Combine, jumped onto a shelf which is allegedly 5'8". 

That actually took place last year but was brought to light this week by our friends at the 700 Level, just as Wolff was signing his first NFL contract

Regardless of how tall the shelf officially is, this is amazing. How does a human being do that? I had to play it a few times just to wrap my head around it.

Does it mean the fifth-round pick out of N.C. State will become a great NFL player? Absolutely not. But is it a testament to his supreme athleticism and an indication that he's got the ability to make some serious plays in the Philadelphia secondary? You bet. 

Strangely, seven defensive backs were able to post better vertical leap results at the combine, and four of those seven were shorter than Wolff. He did, however, post the top broad jump score among DBs. 

Wolff also posted a 4.44 40 in Indianapolis, and after four years of quality experience in the ACC he joins a secondary looking for a hero. Based on his physical attributes alone, Eagles fans have reason to be excited about the possibility that Wolff emerges to become something special. 

But it takes more than that to earn such a chance. I don't believe there were any cabinets or shelves on the field when the Eagles launched their rookie camp Friday at the NovaCare Complex.