Edge's Championship Insanity Will Help Protect Randy Orton's Investment

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 28, 2009

Watching Raw this past Monday night was a fantastic experience.

Randy Orton's 345-minute entrance as he displayed his WWE Championship made the entire program worthwhile.

I was so satisfied with the magnificent events of last night's Backlash, there was nothing that was going to keep me from being anything less than ecstatic during Raw.

So Randy Orton got beat up with a kendo stick, or is it called a Singapore cane these days?

Who the hell cares, because THE man in the industry today is finally the WWE Champion.

So who was going to become the No. 1 contender for Randy Orton's WWE title?

Was it going be the Big Show, or was it going to be Batista?

Better question—does it make a damn bit of difference?

I knew, as everyone else likely knew, it was bound to be Batista who would become the logical challenger for his superior's WWE title.

While Triple H was the McMahon family's last line of defense, Randy Orton can now deal with the leftovers. Considering that there is absolutely nothing that Randy Orton could do that would make Batista any angrier, let's get this show on the road.

Now, you might be one of those doubters who might feel that Batista is something of a threat.

After all, he's big, isn't he?

He has the history to back him up, so he's established. Let's ignore his lack of in-ring coordination and lack of ability to cut a promo of any value whatsoever.

Let's just analyze Judgment Day's main event, as The Animal Batista is set to take on the Living Legend, Randy Orton.

I've seen this one before, haven't I?

Perhaps the WWE might proclaim this title bout to be another "first time ever" encounter in the hopes that the majority of their audience would forget the many multiple matches that have already taken place between the two.

Call that train of thought idiotic—they pulled such creative techniques back during Armageddon five months ago.

Not that Randy Orton is a man in need of saving; we all know that he could wipe the mat with Batista's carcass on one leg, half blindfolded. We've seen the better man drop the title to a competitor of significantly less caliber, all for the benefit of the fans' temporary satisfaction.

But there is a third man involved in this scenario whom many people have already overlooked.


Enter the Rated "R" Superstar

Now just as you're thinking to yourself, "Hey, Edge is on SmackDown," just hear me out on this one.

Many people have been upset with the complete and utter lack of championship stability that has plagued the WWE over the past half a year.

Yet, it wasn't even the now forgotten Triple H whom we have to blame for this epidemic.

It certainly wasn't the beloved John Cena, who held the World title for over five months, and it wasn't Jeff Hardy, whose title reign was a culmination of a decade plus' worth of devotion.

The man whom we can blame for all of this is Edge.

Since his return during Survivor Series 2008, he has had a total of four title reigns in under six months.

To put that in perspective, Shawn Michaels has a total of four title reigns during his 20-plus year career.

That absurdity of Edge's repetitive success will play a factor in Randy Orton's WWE Championship reign.

When you have one man capture the same number of title reigns as the greatest performer of all time (Shawn Michaels) achieved in over two decades, something has got to give.

And that something is not another quick title swap.

Randy Orton is of the caliber to hold that title for over a year (although don't hold your breath on that one, seeing as Orton's not engaged to the politically correct bible authored by John Cena).

Still, when the WWE is in dire need of some much needed stability, Randy Orton is your remedy.

I'd suggest that we all welcome the new Age of Orton with open arms, but then again, I've always relished in the hatred showered upon the Legend Killer.

I, however (along with a small army of fellow B/R Ortonites), will continue to hold down the fort and raise the hype.

Maybe I should invite Triple H over to watch Raw with me on Monday nights. God knows he isn't going to have anything better to do.