Chicago Bulls' Nate Robinson Stars in NBA's Latest 'Now Is Big' Ad

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

Brace yourselves, Brooklyn Nets fans; Nate Robinson's late-game explosion in Game 4 of the Chicago Bulls' first-round playoff series against the Nets has been immortalized in the latest "We Are Watching" spot from the NBA.

As if the pain of seeing a pint-sized backup torch your team to the tune of 23 fourth-quarter points (and a go-ahead bucket in the first overtime) weren't enough, now the sequence will be replayed in the form of a 30-second ad for time immemorial.

Based on the commercial, though, it appears that Brooklyn is the only place on Earth where people aren't interested in watching Robinson. As the camera jumps around the globe, the rest of the world is riveted, glued to TV sets in kitchens and restaurants and coaches' offices for the final minutes of Game 4.

And if Twitter is any guide, everyone on the planet really was watching Robinson's outburst with rapt attention. Some folks got a little hyperbolic in their praise for what the Bulls guard was doing, but after the dust had settled on Robinson's 34-point night, it seemed like all of the superlatives were justified.

Hope everyone is watching this double OT Nets-Bulls game. Steve Kerr is ready to anoint Nate Robinson the next Jordan.

— SportsonEarth (@SportsonEarth) April 27, 2013

Not only were folks scrambling to compare Robinson to some of the game's all-time greats, others were also in the process of making him a lifelong enemy.

It’s been fun watching Nets fans come to the realization that they hate the sight of Nate Robinson.

— netw3rk (@netw3rk) May 3, 2013

Finally, it's hard to know if one of the NBA's current greats was watching the whole thing, but even some of LeBron James' subsequently stellar moments are now being measured against the Robinson's commercial-worthy scoring binge.

LeBron must've been watching Nate Robinson tapes.

— BullsBlogger (@BullsBlogger) May 8, 2013

One has to wonder, though: Where's the love for Joe Johnson, who tied the game up after Robinson's improbable running banker? And when does Stephen Curry, he of the 22-point quarter, get his due?

We're all definitely watching, and with so many stunning individual performances in these playoffs, it's been a little hard to keep track of everything. Not that that's a bad thing.