Andrew Wiggins: Latest Buzz on Recruit's Impending College Choice

Ethan GrantAnalyst IMay 9, 2013

Photo via 247Sports
Photo via 247Sports

Andrew Wiggins still does not have his college choice ironed out for next season, but with little time between now and the summer, the feeling is starting to emerge that we could have a decision very soon. 

Wiggins, the overall No. 1 player in the nation in the 2013 class (according to 247Sports), has held us hostage for the last few months as other stars have started to give us the scoop on which college they will officially attend. 

He gets the right to hold us hostage because his talent is so great. As Jeff Goodman pontificated on Twitter, he feels Wiggins would have been the No. 1 pick in the 2007 draft—even though the list is littered with All-Star caliber names:

Right now, all we know about Wiggins is that his choice has been nailed down to four different schools—North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida State and Kansas—and that the Canadian standout has been in no hurry to pronounce a favorite or really give us any hint at all about his personal selection process. 

Goodman maybe said it best with his recent tweet on any scoop he had heard about Wiggins' choice:

As it has been throughout the process, it's just too early to tell. 

That won't stop us from speculating on the latest buzz about where Wiggins is going to land, and right now, rumors are starting to leak about a player who many feel will be a consensus All-American by the end of the 2013-14 college basketball season (ESPN's Eamonn Brennan is among them). 

The first comes from Kentucky Recruiting on Twitter, who has heard whispers of Wiggins' mother preparing to make a trip down to West Virginia (where Wiggins plays his high school ball) over the weekend. If that's the case, a decision could be coming soon:

Then again, it could just be for Mother's Day—that's how unpredictable this saga has been. 

However, there are other rumors floating around that substantiate the idea that Wiggins is closer to an announcement that ever before. One such rumor comes from one of the four men dying to coach him in college. 

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams was a speaker at a Tar Heel Tour event on Tuesday, in which he answered questions about current, former and future players who were of interest to the crowd in Durham. had a write-up about the line of questioning concerning Wiggins, and Williams' answer about when the saga will end confirms that Wiggins could give us a firm decision within the next few days:

The crowd erupted in laughter and Williams sheepishly responded, “25 percent. Four in a hundred is 25.” He followed it up by saying, “I have no earthly idea.”

“Every time you’re looking at that ticker and it says ‘recruit,’ I sort of get up a little bit,” Williams said. He closed by saying that the signing period ended on May 15th and that he “expected it would be done by then.”

Although it's not exactly a glowing confirmation that Wiggins' choice is coming soon, Williams brings up an excellent point—the NCAA deadline for a recruit to sign is May 15, and that could end up being the breaking point for what seems like an eternity of speculation about the nation's top recruit. 

It's almost a certainty that he gets things done before then. 

Then again, who really knows?

It's an uncertainty that has followed Wiggins throughout the process, and it likely won't change before he puts his pen to paper and changes the fortunes of a program forever (or one year, most likely). 

While Williams was vocal about Wiggins on Tuesday, other sources are discounting North Carolina as a realistic option for the best player still on the board. Point guard Nate Britt, forward Isaiah Hicks and center Kennedy Meeks are all already on campus, and the Tar Heels return 10 guys from the 2012-13 team. 

As Matt Jones reported on Twitter, UNC is a distant fourth in some chatter surrounding Wiggins' status:

As the Tar Heels, Jayhawks, Seminoles and Wildcats all await Wiggins' decision in the next few days, the world will do the same. When you're the best player in the nation, that kind of collective holding of breaths just seems to follow your every move. 

The stories will likely change for now, but only UNC is hurt by the recent rumors surrounding his college choice—and even that is a stretch. 

Wiggins' choice is just one of those things that you only know when you hear it from his mouth. Even then, we might double check our sources to confirm. 


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