Where in the Hell is the WWE Going?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2009

I really hate were the WWE is headed from here I mean there making a joke of each division one by one and it's pissing me off I watch Raw and I get less and less into each week. The predictable matches, the god forsaken story lines, the stupid comedy.

The WWEis going down the drain and it should it tonight with the worst story lines I have ever seen. The WWE is making a joke of wrestling with the stupid stuff they put on tv.

The WWE was wrestling back in 1998 and 1999 but it just has been horrible lately. The WWE doesn't give a shit about what we want anymore and were not asking to be more hardcore but to be what you were back in the late late 90's.

Vince McMahon is a great business man but I feel that the WWE is getting worse and worse I mean I remember 2002-2003 were they had the fresh start with the extension and new people coming in but now it's a joke it's not even wrestling it's "Entertainment."

You got to be kidding me yeah we know it's fake but we still watch so take advantage of that.

I knew Cena was coming out tonight they make it so predictable I mean now he will face Miz next week and face Big Show at Judgement Day, WOW, good for us we get to see Cena v Big Show in a match at Judgement Day that is going to take 25 minutes out of my life.

WWE needs to get shit right or about five to 10 years down the road there going to lose what they have now. I miss the good old days but there behind us.

The people that think out of the box with Cena going here, or Christian being a World Champion, or Orton is the future I mean really someone like Orton will be here in five years and then you will be praising him. This is a joke it really is.

The WWE needs to be what it use to be or fans are going to leave and trust me they will leave when they see how predictable there are. I hope they read this I really could care if they do I could care if you do either I'm pissed that the WWE is making a joke of what was once great.

When you realize people that are gone and not coming back that were big names then you feel like the new guys come in to make an impact and some will. Don't get me wrong I love wrestling it will always be my passion but the key word in that sentence is a Passion for Wrestling not Entertainment.

John Cena, Randy Orton, MVP, Mr. Kennedy, Punk, Benjamin, and Bourne are the future of Wrestling but how long is wrestling going to be around until it gets stale.

You can hate on Cena all you want but damn I don't see you doing what he does for the business night in and night out.

The Cena haters need to grow up because his gimmick is getting boring well do me a favor stop coming on to spoilers and websites and talking about how bad he is because the point is that he is the best thing going for the WWE other than Orton.

The Miz is a joke. He was known for being on a reality tv show. You give him a seven minute spot of LIVE TV. That's a joke.

The mid-carders and vets that deserve a push ain't never going to get it because what we want doesn't matter anymore it really doesn't.

You think a Billion Dollar Company is going to come on a website and read our opinions. REALLY. That's a joke. If you think that you must have a huge ego.


The reason I write about the past in all my articles is because I live in the past because that was the best time to be a fan and now it's not wrestling to me.

I say to all those that put there body's on the line every dam night hated or not have my respect no matter what. Those that are there to get noticed so they can do movies please get the hell out of the business.

The Rock never sold out he was smart because he saw were the WWE was going.

Stone Cold Steve Austin will never wrestle againbecause he had his last match and he shouldn't have to wrestle again, he nearly was parlyazedand has bad knees and this damn wrestling community all over the world say Stone Cold is going to have a farewell match. HELLO MCFLY. He had his last match already.

The reason no one likes what is going on with the WWE is because we live in a what have you done for me lately world.

I don't blame the WWE I blame you the ones that leak story's and don't keep there mouth shout and just watch it because it would be a lot more intresting if you just watched it instead of looking on wrestling-edge.com, TWNP-wrestling.com, or Impact-wrestling.com. I blame you for the WWE issues right now. This is ridiculous.

The WWE to me will keep going for years to come but how long will this last until everyone gets sick and tired of it because in another year or two I could and I don't want to but it is coming to that.