Stephen Curry Rolls with Metta World Peace's Tweet on 'Steve Curry'

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMay 9, 2013

Metta World Peace thinks that Steve Curry is capable of winning the NBA's MVP award.

Who? He meant Stephen Curry? Oh, OK. 

While live tweeting during Wednesday's playoff action—because that's what he does—World Peace wrote that "Steve" Curry is a top-10 player and a 2014 MVP candidate so long as he works on his defense. 

Curry inevitably saw the tweet, but instead of correcting or ignoring the Los Angeles Lakers forward, he decided to assume the alias World Peace created for him.

This was one of those "Oh, Metta" moments that makes you chuckle and shake your head. It's also one of those things that makes you love Steph (or Steve) Curry more than you already do.

For Jarrett Jack, it was one of those things that compelled him to point out the obvious as well.

While some might attribute World Peace's social-media mishap to spell check gone awry, couldn't you also picture Metta mispronouncing Curry's name, essentially calling him "Steven" for the last four years? 

I know I could.

Credit Curry for a brilliant rebuttal, though. We all knew who World Peace was actually referencing, but why sidestep it when you can take to Twitter and send the NBA sphere into a state of hysterics?

Better yet, why pass up the opportunity to sell yourself to State Farm? World Peace may have just created the Golden State Warriors' version of Cliff Paul in under 140 characters. I smell an endorsement deal coming.

As for World Peace's MVP sentiments, he's really just started a conversation that was destined to begin anyway.

The Warriors continue to ride an improbable playoff run, and at the forefront of their success is the sharp-shooting Curry. One could easily argue that he is among the most valuable players in the league, and that he has been the most valuable player of the 2013 NBA playoffs, period. 

According to Curry's tweet, he is "back to work already," attempting to live up to the lofty standards World Peace has set for him. 

Perhaps Steve Curry could lend him a helping hand.