B/R Turns Into the WWE Chp. 11: Raw, It's All About the Title!

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 28, 2009

Welcome to the series B/R Turns Into The WWE. Our draft took place on Saturday and all the people who got drafted to Raw will be here tonight (people from the Supplemental Draft, too).

Yesterday, we experienced the spectacular that was Backlash. It was a great night with a lot of spectacular matches.

Tonight, Monday Night Raw takes place. And I promise you that you'll here many superstars talk about Backlash, so anyway let's begin.

Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome to Monday Night Raw, everyone.

(C. #2) The WWE fans here are still exhilarated after Backlash.

(Jeff) But after tonight ends, Raw will be all they're talking about.

(Joe Burgett comes to the ring)

(Joe) Now as all of you know, last night I became the new world heavyweight champion. I defeated Daris Brown and JLB.

Now we won't have to worry about Daris here on Raw anymore as he is a member of SmackDown now. Speaking of people who moved in the draft,  Last night I did win the world title, but I did not do it alone.

I was assisted by the most unlikely of people and that was Shane Howard. Now Shane I only have one thing to ask. Why the hell did you help me? I want an answer now, so come out here and explain yourself.

(Shane Howard makes his way to the ring)

(Shane) Hey, Joe. I see your holding the title that I helped you win.

(Joe) So tell us, oh great one, why did you do it.

(Shane) Are you honestly that stupid? 

(Joe) Who do you think I am? Why I oughta...

(Ray Bogusz enters the ring with a mic)

(Ray) I know, Shane, that you helped Joe so you could have a title shot, but you're not getting it. If anyone deserves a title shot, it'll be me.

(The GM of Raw comes out which is me) Now guys we all know that I'm the one who chooses who's getting title shots here. Now tonight, there will be three qualifying matches for the triple threat match next week which will determine the next No. 1 Contender for the World Title.

Both of you will be in matches tonight so if you can win them and make it to next week one of you will have a chance for a title shot.

Oh yeah and one more thing, the match at Judgment Day for the world title will be a steel cage match.

(Shane) I only have one question...

(Svyato) What's that?

(Shane) Who am I facing?

(Svyato) Oh you'll see. (Then I leave)


(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, everyone. Coming up next is one of the qualifying matches for next week's triple threat match. It's the recently drafted Ryan Michael vs. another new Raw superstar, Adrian Staehle.

(Both men enter) 

Bell sounds match begins.

(Svyato comes out and speaks) Now hold on there is one thing I forgot to mention. To give our fans a preview of Judgment Day this match will be a steel cage match! 

Steel Cage lowers and now the match begins.

Ryan Michael gets to work on Adrian right away as he delivers a wheel kick. Now quickly trying to escape the cage. Adrian getting up quickly and gets Ryan to fall off from the steel right onto the rope (he got sacked, ouch).

Now it's Adrian attempting an escape from the cage. Adrian climbing quickly and almost over the cage now, but Ryan able to get to his feet in time to keep Adrian from escaping.

So Ryan throwing him back onto the mat and now climbing up himself. He's standing on the top of the cage (on one of the sides). Now looks like he's taking aim at Adrian.

Oh my god! Ryan Michael jumping off the top and connecting a perfect moonsault on top of Adrian. Here's the cover 1, 2, oh Adrian just kicking out at the right time.

Now Ryan getting Adrian back to his feet only to have Adrian deliver a huge low blow to Ryan. Now gets Ryan and catapults him into the cage (where the door is). Oh and it looks like the lock on the door broke and Ryan falls out of the cage! The match is over.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Ryan Michael!

(Jeff) Adrian looks devastated.

(C. #2) He wanted to hurt Ryan, but instead he opened the door of opportunity for Ryan (literally). 


(Shane wants a word with the GM)

(Shane) Hey, I know you didn't wanna spoil it for the fans, but seriously, who am I facing?

(Svyato) Shane, my man, your match is up next, so you won't have to wait long.

(Svyato leaves)



(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, everyone. As you can see Shane Howard is in the ring still waiting for his opponent.

(Conor Green another FA who was signed is set to do battle with Shane)

Bell sounds match is underway. Conor charging right at Shane and Shane stops him. Shane now looks like he's going for The Packaged Piledriver Maneuver and hits perfectly. The cover, 1, 2, 3. That's it, it's over.

(announcer) The winner, Shane Howard.

(Shane picks up a mic and speaks) Is that honestly, it? I feel offended that you Svyato would put me against someone so untalented, but you know what since I made it to next week's match I'm good.


(C. #2) Welcome back To Raw everyone your just in time for an Inter Gender Tag Match. 

(Jeff) It's Jen & Giorgi Vs Mina & Terrel Johnson.

(Both teams enter)

Bell sounds match begins. Mina and Jen starting. Jen pushing Mina onto the ropes, but Mina gets the better of that by delivering an amazing wheel kick. Now Mina just slapping Jen silly so Giorgi gets in the ring to break it up.

So Terrel gets tackling Giorgi out of the ring as well as himself. Mina distracted by that so when she turns back around Jen delivers a big drop kick. Now goes to the top rope and delivers her finisher the 450 splash. Here's the cover 1, 2, 3. Bell rings, match ends.

(Announcer) Here are your winners, Jen & Giorgi.

(Jeff) Not the longest of matches, but still amazing.

(C. #2) Yeah, but you know what will truly be amazing?

(Jeff) Our main event?

(C. #2) Oh yeah, it's Ray Bogusz vs Jason Le Blanc for the last spot in next week's triple threat for the No. 1 Contendership. But first we get to see Joe in a special segment where he gets to talk about recent news and sometimes even has a guest.

(Jeff) Yeah, it's called The Spotlight.

(C. #2) And we'll see it next.

(Time for "The Spotlight")

(Joe) Now there are a lot of things I want to talk about, but they'll mostly be about the World Title only so I'll make it short.

Last night I won the World title. Even though I did get an assist I can reassure you I didn't need. I'm the champion for a reason and that is because I'm the best in the World.

Now onto the match next week. I don't care who wins the triple threat match I'll destroy them once they step in the ring with me.

No one will take this from me simply because I won't let them. Every time they'll walk in the ring thinking I'm going to win, and every time they're going to leave empty handed. I mean if they can leave.

(Shane comes to the ring)

In case you didn't see how easily I just beat that wanna-be wrestler, I'll show you again.

(Replay goes on)

At Judgment Day, that'll be you.



(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw, and you're just in time for the main event. Both men are already with us in the ring, and this no-disqualification match is about to begin.

Match starts. Ray and Jason lock up, but Ray is really overpowered by Jason. Jason puts him into a sleeper. Ray unable to break out falls to his knees. The cover, 1, 2, Ray kicks out. Jason lifts him up and delivers a running power slam.

Covers again 1, 2, no good, Ray kicks out. Jason waiting for Ray to get to his feet he does and Jason clotheslining him out of the ring. Follows him out. Now lifts up Ray and puts him on the table and gets up there himself (this is no DQ that's really important to know) and Jason delivers a Jackhammer slam on the table.

Now takes a chair, but Ray conscious and kicks it away and also gives him a big kick to the face. Now he gets off the table. And throws him into the chairs. But look Shane is coming out of the crowd. I don't think Ray realizes that.

Oh now he will as Shane nails a amazing right hand to his head and now delivers The Packaged Piledriver Maneuver to Ray and rolls him back into the ring. Jason coming to gets into the ring and covers, 1, 2, 3. Jason wins.

(Announcer) Here is your winner, Jason Le Banc.

(Jeff) Well, that's all we have tonight.

(C. #2) Make sure to tune in next week.

Show ends 


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