Dolph Ziggler Gets a Concussion, WWE Extreme Rules Status Unknown

Tom ClarkFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

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Dolph Ziggler suffered a concussion at WWE’s SmackDown taping, which occurred Tuesday night.

According to, the injury happened during Big E Langston’s match against Jack Swagger when Dolph received a blow to the face.  But the real headline here, as pointed out, is that Dolph’s status for Extreme Rules is now up in the air.

This is obviously not good news for Ziggler or WWE.  

As we all know, Dolph just won the championship from Alberto Del Rio on the Monday Night Raw following WrestleMania 29.  The victory was a very big deal in Dolph’s career, as he finally reached that all-important main-event level in the company.

Fans have been praising Ziggler and his ring ability for quite some time now.  He has been a real workhorse for WWE—a guy who has kept his head down, kept his mouth shut and did everything asked of him.

His talent in the ring has never been in question, and as time went on he began to impress nearly everyone who watched him perform.  Dolph just seemed to get better every time he stepped into the ring.

Dolph has seemingly always been just on the verge of winning the “big one” in WWE.  He had carried the blue briefcase containing a World title shot around with him since he won it on July 15, 2012.

WWE had teased us with a potential title win on more than one occasion since then, but every time Dolph would make an attempt to cash in, something would ultimately stop him.

But after it finally happened, fans all over the world celebrated his victory.  Ziggler has earned respect among many of the WWE faithful, and the gold belt that he wears around his waist is proof that he has earned the company’s respect as well.

But now that news of his concussion has been reported, I am a little worried for Ziggler.

After all, there have been some fans who believe that the possibility always existed that WWE would eventually ruin The Showoff’s title run.  He has been the victim of bad booking before, how did we know if WWE would actually see this through and let Dolph have a proper title reign?

Concussions are a big deal in the sporting world, and WWE is no exception.  In professional wrestling, men and women are bashed on the head all the time, and those talents are not wearing protective helmets like they are in the NFL.

So what will happen for the World champion now?  Will WWE perhaps take the belt off his waist and ruin the upward momentum that Ziggler had going for him?  Or will Vince McMahon’s company stick with Dolph as World champion and go in a different direction for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view?

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess.

I, for one, feel that Dolph will be allowed to keep the belt and continue to cut promos on TV.  This would keep him on the air and in the minds of fans, as well as give him the opportunity to build heat as only he can.

This was Ziggler’s time.  He has earned his spot as World champion and deserves the main-event spot.  Hopefully, none of that will change now.