WWE: The Influence of Paul Heyman as Brock Lesnar's Manager on WWE

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WWE: The Influence of Paul Heyman as Brock Lesnar's Manager on WWE
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Paul Heyman’s role in WWE cannot be underestimated. Since becoming “The Voice of the Voice of the Voiceless,” to CM Punk, he has shown the WWE Universe just how useful someone in a managerial role can be in present-day WWE.

Currently, Heyman’s role in WWE is as a manager to Brock Lesnar. What Heyman brings to Lesnar's monstrous persona is a voice of reason. When Lesnar seems like he is about to go on a violent rampage, Heyman is there to try and stop him.

This does not usually work, though.  

When Vince McMahon was about to deliver Paul Heyman’s “performance review” on the January 28, 2013 edition of Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar appeared.

Heyman did his best to try and control Lesnar, but when Lesnar came nose-to-nose with McMahon, civility took a backseat to absolute violence.

As Lesnar lifted McMahon into the air for his patented F-5 finisher, Heyman let out a terrified scream of “NO,” helplessly leaned against the ropes in pain and put his hand to his head.

Pleading with Lesnar to stop his attack, Heyman helped to make Lesnar’s F-5 look like it could have killed McMahon.

After the F-5 attack, Heyman dropped to his knees and continued to beg for Lesnar not to hurt McMahon further. As Lesnar jogged in place near his victim, Heyman was not happy, but he was worried as to what the consequences would be for Lesnar’s attack. 

Without even needing to say a word, Heyman was able to convey the danger of Brock Lesnar to the WWE Universe. Of course, this is just one example of Heyman’s brilliance when it comes to being in the managerial role.

Paul Heyman’s excellence in this role has had an impact on other managers being showcased more on WWE programming.

Zeb Colter, Ricardo Rodriguez and even Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard, Big E Langston, are examples of Heyman’s influence on the use of managers in WWE.

These three have been able to add dramatic effect to the upcoming WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Extreme Rules because of their interactions with each other.

When a WWE Superstar needs to add a little more panache or edge to his persona, a manager can be used to add such dimension.

With Heyman being at Brock Lesnar’s side, it gives Lesnar a mystique because he does not have to speak. Lesnar’s violent actions are given an exclamation point because of Heyman’s priceless facial expressions and body language.

Not every WWE Superstar needs to be a fantastic talker. With managers such as Paul Heyman around, some can be left to do their talking in the squared circle.

Paul Heyman’s true value at this point in WWE is in showing just how integral the role of a manager can be.

This value was further realized this past Monday Night Raw when Lesnar destroyed Triple H’s office at the WWE world headquarters. Narrating each of Lesnar’s destructive acts, Heyman added dark comedic narration to watching someone violently rip apart laptop computers and sledgehammer a championship title.

Instead of stopping Lesnar and being the voice of reason, Heyman explained that he would no longer stop Lesnar in pursuing his violent acts. Because of Triple H’s Pedigree finisher on Heyman at the April 22, 2013 edition of Monday Night RawLesnar is able to be as destructive as he wants to be against Triple H.

Heyman's involvement in the Triple H and Brock Lesnar feud is helping the story to advance and create an even more heated situation between the two WWE Superstars. 

Hopefully his influence will continue, and managers will continue to be utilized effectively in WWE


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