Most Creative Players in Europe This Season

Will TideySenior Manager, GlobalMay 8, 2013

Goalscorers get all the glory, but their chances have to come from somewhere.

Enter the creators, the playmakers, the table setters. These creative types are the source of the chances, and in that sense they are the brains behind the beauty of the goals.

But who are the best? Who are the most creative players? In this video, B/R World Football Lead Writers Michael Cummings and Will Tidey try to answer that question based on this season’s stats and their own intuitions.

Lionel Messi is scoring goals at a record rate with Barcelona in Spain’s La Liga, but his totals might not be quite the same without the genius of creative midfielders Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta. And what of Cristiano Ronaldo? Would he be the same player without a playmaker like Mesut Ozil?

Watch the clip above, then be sure to add your choices for Europe’s most creative players this season in the comments below.

Stats via WhoScored?

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