J.R. Smith Spotted Clubbing with Rihanna After Game 2 Romp over Pacers

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

The New York Knicks put a beatdown on the Indiana Pacers in the second game of their semifinal series, so naturally, J.R. Smith had to go out and party with Rihanna later that night (via BarstoolSports.com).

Seriously, what else is a guy supposed to do after shooting 3-of-15 and scoring all of eight points in 30 minutes in the playoffs?

Better yet, how else can a basketball player celebrate the fact that he's scored 52 points on 57 shots in his last four playoff games other than going clubbing with a pop star?

To be fair, this could have just been a situation where Smith went out to unwind after a rough offensive game, looking to drink a beer or two in a nice, relaxing, loud club, and suddenly Rihanna shows up and photobombs the crap out of his picture.

In fact, I doubt that any NBA player would even want to be involved with Rihanna after seeing what happened to Tony Parker last summer, when he was out at the same club as Drake and Chris Brown and a fight reportedly broke out over the sultry pop star. Scratched retinas just aren't worth it.

All joking aside, it's not like the Knicks are playing a game immediately after Smith's night out. In fact, New York has a full three days off before taking the series to Indiana on Saturday. It's best that he gets all the partying out of his system now and focuses the closer he gets to tipoff.

Still, it's situations like this that cause people to call Smith's dedication into question, and as shaky as that line of reasoning may be, it's never really going to change.

Many people hear that a basketball player has gone out to have some fun during the postseason, and they'll automatically assume this is behavior detrimental to the team.

Besides, Smith is probably going to go out on Saturday and hit something like 72 three-pointers in a row like he always does when we start to doubt him.

I've got a bigger concern, though. Back in the first round of the playoffs, Rihanna was sitting in Jay-Z's courtside seat for the deciding game of the Nets vs. Bulls series:

.@rihanna sitting in Jay-Z's courtside seats at the Bulls-Nets game twitter.com/BleacherReport…

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) May 5, 2013

Where does your allegiance lie, Rihanna? As far as I'm concerned, this is as bad as a Lakers fan buying a Chris Paul jersey and heading out to cheer on the Clippers after the Lakers were eliminated.

You can't just go out clubbing with Knicks players after Jay-Z gives you his seat for a Nets game. She's switching favorite teams faster than Lil' Wayne