Julian Edelman May Be a Patriots' Sleeper, but Not Why You Think

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Julian Edelman May Be a Patriots' Sleeper, but Not Why You Think
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 Patriot Pat says...

Everyone is now talking about the Patriots 232nd overall pick, Julian Edelman, and asking, "Are we going to use this kid in a Wildcat-type formation?"

The Patriots very well may use him in that type of role, but there is something bigger to consider.

There is not a doubt in my mind that he will make a giant impact on this year's team, but not largely for the reason we've initially been thinking.

The Patriots, in their genius, now have a player who would excel in such a formation, that they can practice against—week-in and week-out.

So, when you are digesting the draft, and thinking about the future of the defense, know this: the Patriots' woes against the Wildcat are behind them in my mind.

Bring on Pat White twice a year, because we'll be ready.

Andrew Cahill is a true Boston sports fan. Check out his website, "Patriot Pat's Patsies."

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The Patriots' 2009 secret weapon.

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