Philadelphia Eagles: Remaining Offseason Priorities

Brad Gagnon@Brad_Gagnon NFL National ColumnistMay 8, 2013

Jan 17, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly addresses the media as ceo and chairman Jeffrey Lurie listens during a press conference at the Philadelphia Eagles NovaCare Complex. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The offseason's biggest events are in the rear-view mirror and now it's time for the Philadelphia Eagles to hit the field and start getting results out of what they've been concocting for four months.

That said, there's lots of work left to be done. Here's a checklist of things the Eagles have to focus on for the rest of the spring and summer. 


1. Pick a Quarterback, Any Quarterback

By default, Michael Vick is the early favorite, but he has made it through only a single full season in his 10-year career.

Chip Kelly might be more inclined to give Dennis Dixon a shot, since Dixon has experience in his offense. Or Matt Barkley, whom Kelly drafted last month. Or even Nick Foles, who outplayed Vick in 2012. Tulsa product and UFL alumnus G.J. Kinne is also on the roster. 

Deadline: Late August (although expect the situation to remain fluid throughout the year)


2. Leverage a Quarterback in a Trade

Vick and Foles have value on the trade market and Barkley is probably assured a roster spot. That means that the Eagles would be smart to trade one of those two incumbent quarterbacks once they've decided who their Week 1 starter will be.

Some other team will inevitably become desperate when injuries begin to take their toll during training camp and/or the preseason, so Philly would be crazy not to use one of those guys as ammunition for a trade. 

Deadline: Early September


3. Establish a Pass-Rushing Hierarchy 

This comes hand in hand with nailing down the type of defense they'll be running. Indications are defensive coordinator Bill Davis will implement a hybrid 3-4 under, so that means we'll see plenty of different looks from the front seven this season.

While a rotation should be expected, the Eagles will want to determine which pass-rushers should be leading the way. That will depend to a large degree on how quickly Brandon Graham and Trent Cole are able to make the transition from defensive end to outside linebacker.

Deadline: Early September


4. Find a Spot for Todd Herremans 

Right guard? Left guard? Right tackle? If Jason Peters stays healthy, it'll be one of those three spots. Herremans has been the starting right tackle (when healthy) for two years running, but he was a left guard before Evan Mathis came to town and Lane Johnson's presence will likely cause the Eagles to move him back inside. Johnson himself is raw, though, so there's a chance they delay that move. 

Deadline: Early September