Wrestler Bungles Moonsault, Slams Face into Ground

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMay 8, 2013

Don’t you hate it when you’re fighting a guy and you go for a corkscrew moonsault, only to dash your face on the ground?

So does this guy—a wrestler who attempted the dangerous maneuver and ended up landing face-first on the hard, gym floor (via Deadspin).

Now, I’m no professional, but I’m fairly certain this wasn’t the way this move (also known as "The Starship Pain") is supposed to turn out. This guy appears to go for the full rotation, but something tells me he’s supposed to be landing inside the ring as opposed to the un-cushioned floor of whatever high school gym this fight appears to be taking place in.

With that being said, a high degree of skill comes with these risky maneuvers, and you have to give the kid credit for going for it. 

Fortunately for this guy, the referee in the mask keeps the opponent off the injured wrestler as he lies crumpled on the ground in pain. That didn’t happen for another unfortunate moonsaulter.

The only thing worse than nearly breaking your neck after a moonsault is nearly breaking your neck after a moonsault and then having some dude lay on top of you. 

So now that we’ve seen how this high-flying flip isn’t supposed to turn out, allow me to show you what a moonsault that doesn’t nearly kill someone looks like:

Look, Mom! No dislocated vertebrae! 

In all seriousness, do not try this at home. Remember, these guys are professionals (or trying to be) and this stuff is dangerous. Let's all just stick to the basics and utilize the People’s Elbow when we have to deal out justice in the ring.*

*Bleacher Report does not condone elbow-slamming others, as it is dangerous and a good way to get uninvited from almost all social occasions.


The Starship Pain has landed: Dr__Carson