Oklahoma Football Head Coach Bob Stoops Has Pre-Cancerous Spot Removed from Face

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 8, 2013

Credit: SoonerScoop.com
Credit: SoonerScoop.com

Everybody wondered what happened to Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops when he was seen at the Sooner Caravan with several stitches across his face.

It turns out Stoops wasn't involved in a backyard brawl. Instead, he was treated for a pre-cancerous spot that had to be removed from his right cheek, according to news9.com.

“Pre-cancerous spot, something had to obviously be cut out,” Stoops said.

This doesn't mean that Stoops actually has cancer. Proceeding with the minor surgery and removing the threat helped the head coach avoid any serious issues, as Dr. Mary Ann Bauman told the digital network.

“The goal is to find them at that phase before they turn into cancer,” said Dr. Mary Ann Bauman. Dr. Bauman says the two least harmful types of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell, can easily be removed if they are caught in time.

In other words, Stoops caught it before it turned into a gigantic problem. Instead of actually walking around with the big "C" word, Stoops will now have a slight scar on his face. That is a tradeoff Stoops is happy to make.

As for how Stoops is feeling, he wants Sooners fans to know he is just fine.

“No big deal, I’m good,” he said.