We Need a Better Community Leader

Chris WashingtonContributor IApril 27, 2009

I see a lot of non sports-related opinionated articles on this Web site with such topics as "Community Leader", "Trolls", and so forth. Considering those were posted on B/R, there is no reason why this article should be exempt.

With that said, Jason Le Blanc should remove himself as Community Leader. I believe the only reason we do see Trolls on this site is because of Jason Le Blanc and his condescending remarks to writers. Yes, he can write a decent article but is he cut out to be a leader? I think not.

He has upset a large amount of B/R patrons and should not represent this community. Of course there are some that respect him and his work, but they are high on the chain of hierarchy here and not represent the middle or bottom half of patrons.

We need a Community Leader that represents "the People". Shane is highly respected from both polar ends of the spectrum. He is educated and professional. He even puts his own picture on his page which in turn makes him more personable. Everything that JLB is not.

If he has angered a substantial amount of people, why must he be a leader? He clearly does not lead by example. He did not gain respect.

I propose we have someone else take Jason Le Blanc's spot. I propose Akd, Mina, Ray, M, Jev, or even Celeste for that matter. They are highly respected and respectful to others. Or we can simply have Shane as the only CL, that would be better as well.

Thank you for your time.