Indiana Pacers vs. New York Knicks Game 2: Video Highlights and Recap

Maxwell OgdenCorrespondent IIIMay 7, 2013

The 2013 NBA playoffs continued on Tuesday, May 7, as the New York Knicks hosted the Indiana Pacers in Game 2 of their Eastern Conference Semifinals series.

The game transpired on the anniversary of Reggie Miller's infamous eight points in nine seconds. Miller scored those points to lead the Pacers past the Knicks in, you guessed it, an Eastern Conference Semifinals game.

Would the Knicks be able to exact revenge a full 18 years later? Or were the Pacers able to channel a bit of history to go up 2-0 on their hated rivals?

Carmelo Anthony led all scorers with 32 points, with Iman Shumpert stepping up for 15 points and six rebounds. On the opposite end, the Pacers received a 20-point performance from Paul George.

The question is, could 'Melo lead the Knicks to a win and even the series at 1-1? Or was George's scoring outburst enough for the win?

Check out the video to find out.