Chelsea Transfer Rumors: Oliver Torres Would Be Smart Addition for the Future

Timothy Rapp@@TRappaRTFeatured ColumnistMay 8, 2013

(Image via AFP/Getty)
(Image via AFP/Getty)

Edinson Cavani. Radamel Falcao. Andre Schurrle. Marouane Fellaini. Those are just a few of the big names Chelsea supporters would love to see the team add this summer, pricey as those additions might be.

But the Blues should also keep an eye on the future, which is why a player like midfielder Oliver Torres from Atletico Madrid would make a lot of sense for Chelsea.

Yes, I know Chelsea fans shiver slightly when they hear the name Torres. But bear with me here.

According to Simon Jones of the Daily Mail, the Blues have eyes for Torres, along with Manchester City, Manchester United and Liverpool. Just 18 years old, Torres wouldn't be the cheapest addition for the future, likely costing somewhere in the £8 million range, but his potential is immense.

Though relegated to the bench for much of the season with just seven appearances as a substitute for Atletico Madrid, the Spanish Under-21 starlet is a true maestro of the midfield. Like Xavi, he's a technician with nimble touch that always seems to make the right pass.

Like Xabi Alonso, he'll drop deeper into the midfield, linking up play and ripping off long, diagonal passes with pinpoint accuracy.

Yes, I just dropped both of those names. While Torres may never approach the level of either player, he's shown at a very young age the potential to be one of the top midfielders in the world. He's so technically sound it borders on the absurd for being so young. 

I would be surprised if Atletico Madrid let him sign elsewhere this summer—and honestly, Chelsea's best bet would be immediately loaning him back out to gain experience—but the Blues would be landing a huge stud for the future if they could sign Torres. 

In my opinion, pairing him with an attack-minded central midfielder and a physical holding midfielder with two speedsters on the wing would allow Torres to operate as a deeper-lying talisman that acted as a team's quarterback.

All of this is very theoretical, of course, but I'm trying to get you excited about a younger player that hasn't seen much first-team action at the club level. In a summer when Chelsea fans will be clamoring for some of the top talents in the world, keeping an eye on the future would be smart as well.  

Even if the future is another Torres. Deep breaths, Chelsea fans—deep breaths.


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