TNA Impact Wrestling Preview: A 6-Man War, AJ Styles, No. 1 Contenders and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMay 9, 2013

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As the road to Slammiversary continues, TNA Wrestling presents a new episode of Impact Wrestling!

The company’s big 11th anniversary show is just four weeks away, and things are certainly heating up. With one match set already, TNA looks to build the rest of the card in the coming weeks.

For this week’s episode, the company has confirmed two matches, one of which has Slammiversary implications, as well as updates on the event and more on AJ Styles. Let’s see what TNA Wrestling has in store for the fans this week!


Austin Aries and Bobby Roode vs. Bad Influence: No. 1 Contenders Match with James Storm as Special Referee

Two weeks ago on Impact Wrestling, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode received their rematch against Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Championship. While Aries and Roode looked to get their gold back, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian of Bad Influence had something else in mind.

They declared that the only way to stop the Aces & Eights was to reform Fortune with them, AJ Styles and Roode. Daniels and Kazarian got into Roode’s head, and after they also interfered in the match, Guerrero and Hernandez retained the titles.

This week on the show, the two teams go at it for a shot at the tag titles at Slammiversary with James Storm as the special referee.

Can Roode gain some revenge on Daniels and Kazarian and get himself and Aries another shot at the titles? Will Bad Influence gain the title shot and get the opportunity to become the "tag team champions of the world” again?

Will James Storm as referee have any effect on the competitors?


Slammiversary XI: TNA’s 11th Anniversary Takes Shape

The main event for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship is set for Slammiversary, and the Tag Team Championship match will be determined this week. With the event just four weeks away, TNA Wrestling is sure to be setting up more of the card on this episode.

Expect to see a No. 1 contender for Velvet Sky’s TNA Knockouts Championship start to come to light, while the X Division will surely be featured as well. X Division champion Kenny King’s next challengers are set to be Chris Sabin and Suicide, but will the match take place at the 11th anniversary show?

The war with the Aces & Eights is intensifying as well, so expect a match between them and TNA to start taking shape, too.

Which TNA wrestlers will be featured on the card of Slammiversary XI?


A Choice: Will AJ Styles Finally Choose a Side?

When AJ Styles returned to TNA in March, nobody knew whose side he was on. Not only had he attacked James Storm and Bad Influence, but he also walked away when the Aces & Eights went on the attack.

The Bully Ray-led gang wants Styles to join them, but TNA general manager Hulk Hogan wants the former face of TNA to become the face once again. At the same time, Bad Influence want Styles to join them so they could all do their own thing.

The former TNA world champion has yet to make a decision, though. Last week on Impact Wrestling, Kurt Angle gave Styles an ultimatum. He was either with TNA or against them, and he wanted an answer the following week.

Will AJ Styles finally make a decision? If so, will he reclaim his spot as the face of TNA, or could he be the newest member of the Aces & Eights?


Sting, Kurt Angle and Mystery Partner vs. Bully Ray, Devon and Mr. Anderson

At Lockdown, Bully Ray stabbed TNA Wrestling in the back by not only revealing himself as the president of the Aces & Eights, but also taking the top prize in the company, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Hulk Hogan blamed everything on Sting, who was the man that convinced Hogan to trust Bully Ray in the first place. Sting walked out on TNA as a result, but two weeks ago, The Icon made his return to save Hogan from the Aces & Eights.

Sting still didn’t trust him, though all of that changed the following week. Last week on the show, Hogan and Sting made amends. Not only did Hogan set up a World Championship No. 1 Contender’s match between Sting and Matt Morgan, which Sting won, but the general manager also gave him this six-man tag match with the ability to choose any two partners he wanted.

Bully Ray chose to take the match himself, while also choosing his brother Devon and Mr. Anderson. Sting went with Kurt Angle, and Angle tried to convince AJ Styles to be the third. As of this writing, though, their third partner remains a mystery.

Will AJ Styles join Sting and Kurt Angle? If not, who will be their partner? Could whoever their partner is help them in securing a victory, or will the Aces & Eights take down Team TNA?

This episode of Impact Wrestling is looking like it’ll be quite the good one. How will the show play out? Tune in to find out!