The Top Five Forgotten Quarterbacks

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The Top Five Forgotten Quarterbacks
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In the NFL, if you aren't winning, you are often forgotten. This offseason, we've witnessed this in action everyday we watch any of ESPN's regular programming.

A casual fan that watches ESPN may think that there are only two quarterbacks in the NFL, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Much of this is because of ratings and other statistics that sway those in power at ESPN to create relevance where there may not be.

For example, Drew Brees threw for 5,069 yards last year, which was 15 yards short of the NFL record for most passing yards in a season, a record set by Dan Marino.

The last time a player was close to breaking a Dan Marino record...well, we’ve all seen the Brett Favre footage last season and most of last offseason.

Drew Brees, on the other hand, has been forgotten as one of the elite quarterbacks in the NFL, because he led a 9-7 team.

Last year, Peyton Manning won MVP, barely throwing for 4,000 yards and led a late season comback. An argument could be made, without Manning, the Colts wouldn't win five games, and that's why he's the MVP.

I would debate that because without Drew Brees, the Saints would be 1-15. Who's more valuable? I'll let you decide.

Chad Pennington has been forgotten as well. Last year he had the ninth most yards and the second best passer rating; not to mention resurrecting the 1-15 Dolphins and winning the AFC East.

The most we’ve heard about this quarterback is that he’s going to be replaced by Chad Henne at some point.

If you're like me and are a fan of a struggling franchise, you've seen quarterbacks with the greatest potential are overlooked every offseason.

The quarterbacks in this list are placed in no particular order, and their selection is based on total opinion.

I won’t tell you that these quarterbacks are the best the NFL has to offer. I will tell you that these quarterbacks are good starters and can be successful in decent circumstances.

Some quarterbacks are left off this list, not because they don’t deserve it, but because they are in less dire situations than others.

I hope you enjoy. Feel free to offer opinions because it wouldn’t be sports without debate.

Here are the five most underestimated and forgotten quarterbacks.

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